2D Project 2 — Nursery Rhymes

This project for me is a journey of exploring the beauty of halftone, a discovery of using irrelevant figures to combine into an image which creates a scene, and an approach towards new artistic ideas and art pieces. Overall, there are 3 phases I took in order to express nursery rhymes with images.

Phase 1: Simplicity and pure contrasts

The call jumped over the moon


An initial thought come to my mind was using simple icons to depicts the rhyme because nursery rhymes are created to be easily understandable and full of visual impact. However, key elements such as toner value of figures and halftone effects were neglected in my creation.

Phase 2:Halftone and Repetition

so many children


In the second phase I started to use real photos which have toner value after halftone process. I also use repetition of figures to add visual impact and more complexity into the works. Nevertheless, the general pictures are still relatively less occupied and less innovative. There must be more elements added into the images to exhibit more dimensions on the meaning of rhyme


Phase 3: Exploration towards meanings

humpty dumty had a great fall

For the last phase I make the whole images more occupied and more visually enjoyable. Meanwhile, I instilled personal understandings towards the nursery rhymes and played with some words in them. Like I interpreted “fall” in “Humpty dumpty had a great fall” as autumn. Also I put North Korea leaders into one scenario of Gangnam style to express “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men” which to me, is sarcastic.

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Artist Reference:


Andy Warhol was an American Pop artist best known for his prints and paintings of consumer goods, celebrities, and photographed disasters. One of the most famous and influential artists of the 1960s, he pioneered compositions and techniques that emphasized repetition and the mechanization of art.


Reference Artworks by Jeffrey Sgroi 

JEFFREY SGROI 1495173_788221791239726_6815062045583933074_o

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