Foundation 4D II Project 2: Soundscape

A journey on a train towards nowhere.

Nowhere better where I am.


To explore my desirable state of mind in contrast to the current one.

To portrait pictures of my various mental space and the transitions among them in this sound narrative.



Self-personality evaluation

Impetuous, Extreme, Cynical, rebellious, pessimistic

The world in my eyes

Full of artifacts, noise, and fakeness.

The beauty of the world, on the other side, magnifies all those hideousness and hypocrisy which are intolerable for me.

Personal emotions against these flaws

Panic, fear, perplexity, willing to escape.


Start                                                 Transition

Wake up                 In the lift(Spatial transference into mental space)

Climax                                                      End

Helplessness from the world          Towards Nature and Authenticity


Symbolism and Sound Transformation

All sounds are self-recording except the final train sound – Symbolise the world around me and my imaginary world

Characteristic of the sound pieces

Sound symbolized my daily life: Get up from bed – drinking water – walk into the lift.

Transition sound:Lift going down.

Abstract sound:Knocking, scratching, rubbing, fan rotating-Mix with-

Noise of people talking——Symbolize the imperfect world.

Sound of nature—-Symbolize inner peace and self-forgiveness I yearn for.

Also, the soundscape follows chronologic order in a sense that everything will eventually go into peace at night. Ironically, that’s when I am sober.


  1. It is an extraordinary challenge to find sounds in accordance with minds.
  2. The technical problems to produce original sound effects for real to surreal transition.
  3. Difficulty pushing the soundscape to the climax.



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