invisible hands ░ 4D assignment

W R I T E   U P   ░

We only notice cleaners when cleanliness is not up to our standards.

In an era where people are  fast to criticise and so eager to ignore, the role of cleaners in our hawker centers are easily overlooked.

Its time to acknowledge the invisible.

Honour the people who work the hardest.



E X P L A N A T I O N ░

I wanted to show how we often ignore the work of cleaners; especially in hawker centers and I wanted to make people self aware of what they perceive.

We always remember the food but never the cleaners. I can easily recall delicious dinners held in crowded hawker centers but I can never recall the last time I thought of thanking a cleaner for a good work done; for keeping up with countless messy patrons and mounds of dirty dishes.

As such, I wanted to subvert the two; you notice the cleaning materials but the image requires a second look to recognise the food (beehoon) replacing the mop. People, in the same vein, need to scrutinise what they consume and enjoy; invisible hands should not remain invisible.