Final Project: Project Update #2

Last week I researched on the various electronic components that might be needed for the costume and tested some basic functional circuits off the fabrics( as things will get a tad complicated after the electronics are sewed onto the fabrics). Based on the concept of my costume, which is to explore the relationship between live music improvisation and dance choreography/freestyle, I explored:

  • Light-sensitive LED circuit (as the decoration on the costume as well as an indication of its interactivity with the environment)
  • Circuit with a buzzer as the output (which can generate sounds of different pitches)
  • Wireless transmission of data to the laptop using bluetooth (which is critical in the process of creating sounds from movements)
  • Motion-sensitive circuit with LED and buzzer (as a simulation of the functionality of the costume)

victorian_era_inverness_capeI mainly worked on the artistic aspect of the costume design in the week followed. I was inspired by the Victorian Era men’s fashion. Most often associated with Sherlock Holmes, the inverness cape is a weatherproof outer coat which was often worn in 1880s London. The inverness cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which was typically worn in 2 styles: a more formal version where the topcoat is finished with short lapels and the capes are set back behind them, as well as a less formal “coachman’s cape” which had no lapels.

I decided to go with the less formal “coachman’s cape” as the lapels might hinder head movements and it would be easier for me as an inexperienced fashion designer to start with.






I found this black velvet material in one of the clothing outlet in Chinatown.






I showed Galina the design and she taught
me the sewing basics including how to use the sewing machine to make different stitches.






I finished the rest of the sewing on my own. It was a fulfilling learning experience.





This is the completed costume!



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  1. Good update! I would like to see some documentation of the electronics for your next update: we have pictures in dropbox from the last rehearsal and I would grab a few to document the excellent work you have done. And by the way, the electronics receiver is still in my office, do you want to pick it up before Thursday’s rehearsal?

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