Rhymes – Concept and Work-in-Progress

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The Rhyme of choice and concept

The rhyme of choice which I initially chose was ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’ and a chinese rhyme translated into “Three Little Tigers”. As I really loved both of them and an english rhyme was the requirement, I combined the two rhymes together. So essentially the idea was a rhyme about 3 little tigers rowing down the boat. Then I because of the story arcs I created for the rhymes, I decided to change the tigers into little pigs because I felt that pigs were cuter into the story and the reader can actually empathise the pigs more.


So the final result, is that Three little timid pigs rowing down the stream on their boat on an adventurous day. Then again, after researching about the rhyme, I realise there were too many versions of the ‘Row your boat’ rhyme originating from all over the world. Every country have their own versions and there is not right or wrong. So i decided to scrap the original idea and wrote the rhyme on my own.


The key concept here is really simple. Similar to my Lines Project, I wish to attain the 3 act story structure within a simple song, with a distinct beginning, middle and end. Also , there are a total of 3 story Arcs within the rhyme, sort of like 3 mini adventure that the pigs encountered during the entire journey and how it was resolved. Sounds convoluted and a lot for a simple rhyme but it is actually very simplified and comprehensible.


So before I go more in-depth into the various dingbats experimentation and methodology, here is the rhyme I wrote for the project.


Three Timid Pigs Rowing down the stream

(Sing to the tune of ‘Row, row, row the boat’)


Three timid little pigs,
Meeting by the river,
Happily happily happily happily,

Got a boat and paddle!


Row row row the boat,

Gently down the stream,
Merrily merrily merrily merrily,

Life is but a dream!


Three piggy row the boat,

Gently down the stream,

When they saw a crocodile,

Piggy starts to scream!


Crocodile is angry,

Feeling very hungry,

Sneakily sneakily sneakily sneakily,

Quickly ate a pig!


Row row row the boat,

Slowly down the stream,

Carefully carefully carefully carefully,

Not to wake the beasts!


Two piggy row the boat,

Very very slowly,

Swinging swinging swinging swinging,

Here comes Mr. Monkey!


Monkey feeling naughty,

Threw some banana skin,

Piggy stepped and tripped and slipped,

right into the stream!


One pig rows the boat,

Fearfully down the stream,

Hopefully hopefully hopefully hopefully

He will reach home safely


Last piggy row the boat,
Sadly down the stream,

Suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly

Met a little fairy!


Fairy so felt sorry,

Grant the pig a wish

Piggy wished his friends were here,

Rowing boat with him


Fairy tell the piggy,
no need to worry,

Magically magically magically magically

Brought back all the pigs!


Three happy timid pigs.

Rowing down the stream,

Joyfully joyfully joyfully joyfully

What a scary stream!


Luckily luckily luckily luckily,

That was just a dream!



To further allow a visual understanding of this rhyme and how the story flow, I’ve represented each stanza with a drawing and kind of combined them into a mini comic strip in my visual journal.  I hope it the comic strip allows you to visualise the story that can be generated from the rhyme itself.  The whole Concept and purpose of my project is to create an original nursery rhyme with lyrics written by myself. This rhyme needs tell a logical story with logical flow and structure. When someone reads or listen to the rhyme, it allow creativity and imagination to take place in that person or child, visualising the scenes themselves in their mind as if this rhyme was to be made into a short animation skit. 


(I apologise for the slightly blurry/low quality images. But this OSS will not allow me to upload files with big sizes and after I resized them this was the result D: Tried many diff methods but still same outcome )









And here are some sample Dingbat ideas, sketches, and composition that I played around with the summarise the entire rhyme. There are not the final results yet, there are still some experimentation to do and I would like to play around with more dingbats to come out with more unique styles/abstract/indirect/subtle styles and layering techniques in photoshop.



Dingbat Trial one


Dingbat Trial two


This is all the research and work in progress as of now !

Hope you enjoyed the rhyme !









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