Lines Project One

Foundation 2D Assignment one Final


The entire project has been given me chance and opportunity to play around with different materials and also multitude of ways to achieve different textures and style through the use of mono printing as well. Although after experimenting much during the research process, I did not incorporate the use of my mono prints into my project due to the nature of my concept.

Some problems faced during the projects includes not being able to move  the frames and the slits of my paper in order to animate the final reveal of the ending due to the dimensions of the paper and cuttings itself. This was definitely due to my own negligence as I should have taken the dimensions of the cutting into consideration before embarking on the usage of the concept.

Ultimately, the concept and presentation of the project worked out quite well and was rather well received from the audience during the presentational aspect of it. The usage of slight humour and comedy inside the presentation was also to sell the idea of my entire concept as well as my concept revolves telling a simple and supposedly funny story that contains the distinct 3 act structure within, by rearranging and using the 18 emotions given to us.

It was quite challenging too, using only pencil as a form of medium in illustrating and bringing across the idea, Not only does the 18 emotions have to make sense when combined to tell a story, each and every emotion line by itself have to make sense too when looking at it on its own. The use of the story structure with a comical concept to bring the entire picture across to the audience is what that ultimately concludes my project.

It has been fun and tiring working through the and experimenting with different artwork and line drawing for this project but it was worth it !!


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