Lines – Research and Progression

-Sol LeWitt Artist Research

-2D Research and progress week 1

-2D Research and progress week 2

-2D Research and progress week 3

-2D Research progress week 4


Throughout the various week of the project, researches and progression was made and noted down into the visual journal as a visual and inspirational aid for me to move on and improve on my concept.

One of the earliest research we were told to do as a class was to choose a reference artist that we favour and research on not only the work he produces, but specifically the styles and execution of the artist. I chose Sol Lewitt because Im love the way he try producing optical illusions and also how he manage to trick the eye and mind using colours, lines and shapes. Taking him as a reference, i decided to work somewhere along that line.


however it occurred to me that it was extremely arduous to incorporating optical illusion into every emotions and lines that we were given to work with, and that because of the fact that we are not allow to work with colours, it removes the optical illusion effect, which is what that strongly enhances the optical illusion for the audience.


The attached PDFs are the research and progressions made during the entire period for the project until it was eventually due. The initial product varied quite a lot from the final outcome and I would say thats one of the key points why researching and experimentation is important for a creative project like this because it allows for your mind to create boundless designs until you eventually get down to the one that you are comfortable with.


Also, I research a lot on comic strips and short stories about how the author or illustrator is able to bring the story across in a clear and concise manner with just a few comic frame. The stories were also an integral part of my research due to how my concept revolves around story telling as a whole. Ultimately, the research process and the progression which we were told to record and detail it down in our visual journal proved to be very useful and aided in my project by leaps and bound.

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