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The visual journal I’ve been keeping and updating is a timeline that records the progress of the entire project one from the scratch. Simpler ideas like sketching of molecular structures and explosions and explosive lines were what I started with. As I progressed, I delved deeper and had a stronger grasp and understanding of the concept that I wanted to work with for my project one.

Then I started to design and experimented with more complicated line drawings that portrays the emotions that we were given to us on the project brief. Because this is a black and white project with no colour involved, we were allowed to use the mono print room to experiment with getting different patterns and texture using a large variety of objects. It was a fun session and eventually i picked some of my favourite designs, cut them out and included them in my visual journal so I could seek inspirations and take reference whenever I feel the need to, even though the nature of my concept doesn’t require these of mono printing.

Eventually after experimenting with the drawing and the lines and mono prints and few consulting sessions, I starting working with my concept, designing the template as a whole, played around with the rearrangements of the 18 emotions so as to have story flow nicely.

I then started sketching and thinking of ideas of the final reveal.

Finally after the project work was completed and nicely presented, I took photos of my work and the rough lines sketch that I did at the beginning of the semester, and recorded them into my visual journal with foot notes.

The visual journal has been working well for me so far and more will come for the next few projects that I will be working on !

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