Foundation 4D Assignment 3

MASK film poster


Foundation 4D Assignment 3


Genre: Horror/Psychological thriller

                                                           Film Title: MASK




A psychotic man with a secret fetish of slicing people’s faces and sewing them into realistic human masks for his sick collection, used his skills to infiltrate into the privacy and life of the girl he secretly loves, under another person’s identity, and ultimately cutting her face to add to his mask collection so he could own her forever.





A year 4 ADM student, Shin, is an introvert and doesn’t socialize with anyone around him. Because of his quirkiness, he was often ostracized by his peers. Shin, however has a hidden fetish. He loves collecting masks. Masks made from real, fresh human faces. Worst of all, all his masks collection were handmade by himself. Shin derived pleasure and sense of accomplishment whenever he slices up his victim faces. Shin was however, never caught as he committed his murders very discreetly, and often smartly, disposing of all evidence.


One day, Shin came across a ravishingly beautiful year one freshman from ADM called Rachel and fell in love with her at first sight. Shin started stalking and following her home. He stole her phone to retrieve confidential details of Rachel and constantly monitored her social media feeds to know her whereabouts at all times. Shin confessed to Rachel a few times but was rejected. Finally when Shin confessed for the last time, Rachel revealed she found a new boyfriend, Drew, and wish for Shin to leave her alone. That was when Shin’s love for Rachel turned into hatred. If he can’t have her, nobody else can.


Shin follow Drew home one day and murdered him. He transported his body back to his house and proceeded with the deed. Finally, Shin made a mask out of drew’s face. He then proceeds to do the unthinkable. He mutilated his own face and sewed Drew’s face to his own in order to assume his identity.


Shin started to get close to Rachel, building up trust, under Drew’s identity. They spent lots of time together. The mystery of Drew’s disappearance never occurred to anyone’s suspicion as Shin was living as him the entire time.  However, Rachel got incredulous about Shin’s identity one day when she notices the surgical scars on Drew’s face appearing. Drew sensed her suspicion towards him and decided to invite her to his house for the ultimate surprise.


When Shin was preparing dinner, Rachel wandered into Drew’s room and saw the human masks hanging on the wall, with names labelled. She was about to scream in horror when she saw the slot on the wall with no mask, yet. Below that slot was labelled, Rachel. At that Moment Shin came in. Realizing that his secret was out, Shin decided to hold Rachel captive and tortured her, slicing off her skin and flesh bit by bit everyday. After 3 days, Rachel decided to devise an escape plan when Shin was sleeping. Luckily for her, a group of volunteers collecting scraps for charity appear at Shin’s front door and contacted the police for Rachel upon hearing her cries. Shin was enraged when he knows that, and proceed to torture Rachel even more. Rachel fought back with all her last bits of strength and managed to stab Shin’s throat with a pen. As Shin was about to stab Rachel to death, a gunshot was heard. The police had arrived in a nick of time and killed Shin on the spot. Rachel was saved afterward and admitted to the hospital. Although she eventually recovered physically, she was mentally traumatized and unable to speak for the rest of her life. The mystery of a series of murder cases whereby the body was always found to be faceless, finally came to light.


Days later, As the police was scanning the crime scene, they found a sealed box in Shin’s room. Upon opening the box, they found a mask. It was a mask of a man. Labelled as his name, was, Shin.

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