Project 2 – Rhymes Progression and Updates

MY initial concept remained the same. The idea of using my own edited version of ‘Row row ro your boat’ because there are simply too many different versions of such rhyme all around the world and there is no particular right or wrong ones, or so called ‘original’ one.


In addition to using the rhyme of the Row your boat song, I also incorporated 3 little pigs inside my mini story. Like I said, the entire rhyme that I’ve written aims to tell a story, with the 3 timid little pigs starting out on an adventure and along the way, meeting obstacles, and adventures. The target audience in mind was children.


The rhyme remained unchanged. In terms of concept however, there is a way in the change of presentational method. I will try to employ the Japanese method of storytelling which you suggested to me during consultation last week. Also , I will be tweaking around with the various characters to make it more impossible looking because of the fact that it is in the ‘dream’, and that anything can happen.


I have decided to go along with the fact that the 4 compositions are going to flow as one ‘river’ and tell a very short story out of it. There will be a distinct beginning, middle, and end as with all my other ideas and concept.

Without further ado, these are the progressions, experimentations and updates that I played around with.


Composition Clock concept Composition dingbat composition idea Composition trial copy Composition trial Dingbat Composition crocodile Dingbat Composition Fairy Dingbat Trial one Dingbat Trial two


Looking forward to presenting this to the class hopefully it will be a fun session!

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