Ego – Project 3 updates and progress



Anddddd we are at the final project for foundation 2D! Cant believe I survived 2 projects. These are the current progress!




The progression was constant as I’ve managed to completed nearly 60% for quite a few of the compositions. After some consultations and discussion with Joy,  I was told that I could play around with the CMYK settings in photoshop to get the desired outcome that I want.

As far as it comes to colour theory, I did not have a fixed theme at first. It was kind of jumbled up. I finally decided upon several theories to use and have  quite successfully incoporated them. T

The two more common types of colour harmony I used are the monochrome colour scheme and split complimentary scheme. My choice for the monochrome was the style which I really like, and the split complimentary for a more colour contrast, which is the feeling I wish to express in some of the compositions.




This project gave the students liberty to play with mixed media and use whatever medium we are comfortable with to come up with the ideal combination that we want. For my theme, I have a mixed media theme which includes digital photoshop files, hand drawn style coloured with colour pencils, colouring using water colour, as well as using of real objects like plastic, shoelaces, cutouts, etc and sticking them onto the project to enhance and boost interactivity according to my theme.


Split complementary


The finalised equations I would be using is as follow. Each composition, however, some of the compositions does not only consist of one emotions/value/trait/meaning, but rather, a two. The challenge here Im facing is trying to combine the two traits into one composition and still make sense.


Storytelling and Comedy  + Magic and VFX  = Entertainer and Filmmaker

Entertainer and performer – Stage Fright and fear of public speaking  = A better communicator

Self confidence x Knowledge  = Sociable and approachable person able to lend a listening ear 

Sense of empathy and heart to serve + Patience = Social worker/helper/teacher/mentor/counsellor 


The title of the project is ‘Journey From The West’/

The concept is that Its about me going on a  journey of attaining skills one at a time. But after attaining a certain skill set, I realise that I need to overcome even more challenges along the way. Its like a never ending journey that emphasise a lot on learning lessons in life. Again, as with the previous two project, it revolves around storytelling. This is a story about my travel with a distinct beginning middle and end.


See more soon!







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