Ego project Work in Progress


so….Work in progress have been pretty decent and with more time to work with the compositions and research, it definitely allowed me to delved more in-depth to see what I could expand and work on in terms of the colour theory side.

Initially I had my concept and a pretty solid idea of what I want to do and accomplish in this project. The concept being, telling a story using the 12 compositions. The challenge was to link the 12 compositions together in such a way that it all make sense when being presented. It is very similar to my previous projects in the sense that I am presenting my concept in a form of a narrative. This time, It is about a journey of me as I overcome each and every single obstacle in my way to get to where I want to be.


As I am not a very artsy or abstract person by nature, I tend to do things and present my art through more logical and literal ways. For this project, I did not went for the abstract approach but instead try to convey my message through a simple and easy to understand way. That being said, this does not means one could perceive the compositions and understand the meaning behind it.


20151115_172813 20151115_172820



Concept wise I was okay, however I had some problems with the usage of colour theory and how applying certain colour combination can help to boost the message I was trying to bring across better. After some research and thinking about my concepts, I decided to go with 4 main harmony.

Mainly the








Each of the colour combination were chosen for specific reasons not only to blend  into the composition to make it pleasing to the eye but also to bring out certain meaning in conjunction with the composition that I have done.
For colour theory wise, there was no one fix harmony or combination that I used throughout the 12 compositions as I did not want my concept to be too tied down to the colour aspects of it. Rather, the colour rules vary from compositions to compositions. That way,I had the chance to play with and experiment with different colour patterns and also a chance to know more about the effects of mixing different colours, which can serve as a very useful aspect in the future and upcoming assignments in the next semesters.


Current Progressions

Most of the compositions were done and I would say my work in progress was pretty smooth. The previous consultation served pretty well as I was given constructive feedback by Joy. One of the composition I did was rejected due to certain issues which I agreed as well so it was fortunate that the problem was pointed out during the consultation instead of the actual presentation.


Its a mixed media for me, so my compositions would include digital photo manipulation and compositing,




to a combination of both digital manipulation and hand drawn figures, which are then coloured with real colour pencils and materials and then layered together.




There are certain 3D element as well such as using real items like rubber bands, shoelaces, strings, and so on that has been incorporated into my compositions for interactive purposes during the presentation. It also serve as aesthetic design in a sense.




Although I am someone who is not a fan of using water colour, neither am I good at it since I haven’t done it for a very long time since my secondary school days, I decided to take the plunge and tried it out with some of the compositions. The result did not turn out perfect, but I believe was acceptable. It was a great opportunity for me to work with something I was not confident with but doing this actually boosted my confidence (one of my composition was actually SELF CONFIDENT) so it was rather meaningful for me.


All in the, it has been progressing pretty well. I believe ultimately for my concept and theme, its the presentation that Is going to sell the entire idea and I will be working on it to give a good finish for the 2D module for this semester. Hopefully y’all will like it, lol !  😀








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