eGO eGO Power rangers~ Project Reflection

It is the time of the day again to post about yet another concluding summary and reflection about an assignment. This is the last project in semester one and also one of the most intriguing to execute as well. although the process fun and enjoyable and challenging at times, the best part to me was still the day of critique session where I got to see all my classmate’s work. It was a breathtaking experience as it was not just any presentation, it was a presentation that allowed me to truly understand the strength and interest of my peers, each and every one of them.


So the final concept of my project work was geared towards storytelling and presentational style. I wanted to incorporate interactivity and healthy dose of humour into my presentation as well as to bringing my audience through my entire journey from the west.

Some of the interactive fun bits I used include the tying of shoelaces and puzzle pieces. Yes at times I do look at the project and felt quite childish but I guess I always have this kid in me that I want to bring out in every of my project, like the previous one about the pigs rowing down the boat.


(remember the piggy? Oink)



Im thankfully and appreciate my classmates for giving me positive feedbacks and well as some pointers which allows me to improve on my weaker aspect. It was really useful I believe not just for me but for everyone else. Sometimes we might think we know ourselves fairly well, but there are always certain traits that only bystanders can see and its not something that we can discover it for ourselves. Like what they say in chinese with a direct translate, ‘ the passerby and onlookers will always have a clearer view then those who are actually involved

So yeah lol!


20151119_202040  20151119_202046



The constructive feedback I’ve gotten from Joy was that my strength lies in storytelling and comedy. Of course and the ability to narrate and present in an engaging way. Maybe I should work more towards that? I would also love to communicate better and hopefully one day I can truly present without a script and can do my vanishing script trick in my upcoming presentation!





Of course my achilles heels would be that some of the compositions are quite kiddy looking and even remind some of my schoolmates of primary school artwork. Well i don’t know why i am leaning towards that directly maybe it was because of my love for little kids and me being a volunteer storytelling in my previous polytechnic’s childcare kind of made me that way. I also reflected upon my photoshop skills and I truly want to practise more and master photoshop as It is an invaluable skill set to have be it whatever major I will be going into in the upcoming years. Photoshop is like the waffle that ADM cafe is selling. Its plain, but could be changed into different flavoured waffle depending on which stuff you put in it so yeah!


The challenges I faced were of course the completing of certain compositions using watercolour as I wanted to experiment with it for my last project this semester.

Once again thanks for the feedback that were given to me by my classmates. It allowed me to improve myself not just in terms of graphic design and ideas, but as a person as well as I believe is the biggest takeaway from this project.


I enjoyed  this project tremendously and hope to reach greater heights in the upcoming semester!

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