Project One – Homely Routines

YOZXC What sup readers. So this is the video version and the sequel to the previous part of the project.


The video started with an establishing shot as to allow the viewer to understand and have a feel of what I see or the route I go through everyday as I am going home or when I am out jogging in the evening in the park as part of my daily routine.


The use of POV shot of me walking towards the letterbox and opening the letterbox is to enhance intimacy, so as to let the viewer feel as if they are in first person, to experience what I am experiencing at that point in time.

Both the letterbox scene and the scene of my house’s front gate as an introduction was to emphasise on my house’s unit number. Because it is a set of number that I see everyday, this numbers are very meaningful to me and gives me a very ‘homely’ feel if that makes sense? Like whenever I see 08-403 I know Im home.


The remaining sequence were just a series of scenes depicting my house and also what I do everyday as part of my daily routine. Random paintings were inserted into different parts of the videos at all times. This is to show the viewer and let them have a feel of what if would be to be at my house itself, because numerous paintings are hung all over the house, whenever I turn I would always face one of the paintings visually. This also gives me a very homely feeling.


The photographs of my parents and their wedding photos was to create a warm feel. Im trying to convey the message that my parents are the core to my house, the creator of my home. Without them, the warm and loving home I have now would never exist. And the both of them are working hard to support and maintain this home, and always showering me with love and support. They are like my pillars, which is why they are featured.


I ended the video with my shoe rack. This is to show how my family members have different footwear for different occasions, jobs, etc. My mum walked into the scene, took a pair of shoe and went out. It is to show the daily routine of family. Like how everyday my parents would go out to work as well and how my sister would go to school. Everything at home is pretty systematic in a sense.


Finally the music I chose to use was an original soundtrack from UP. This was because UP was associated with warm, love, and family as a theme. So it was quite meaningful to use this piece of soothing and heartwarming instrumental music to accompany the theme and concept of my video.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who watched it, provided feedbacks, critique, and also how I can improve my videos one way or another, i appreciate it!

Have a good chinese new year my dear classmates!


Zactee !

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