Work in progress and development for project 1 !


So I hope this week has been another awesome week for you guys! All the best! I bet everyone is in the Chinese new year mood including Joy! So lets keep this short and sweet!

First of all I started to brainstorm about as many attributes as I can on my sketchbook. At first I was pretty much fixed on the idea of doing attributes like ‘I am ….”. However after much thinking and reference to work examples, I realise that I can do so much more. Instead of doing ‘I am…”, I can do ” I can…, I wish…, I was…I like to….’

So this opened up the possibilities! Ended up I came up with a little too many attributes. But finally ended up and narrowed down to only a few that I am interested in!




These are just some of the text that I am playing around with. Nothing serious, just some explorative work! 😀




The 6 attributes that I narrowed down to and that I want to focus and develop on are
1. I love to solve the rubies cube

2. I am a flexible person

3. I have Trypophobia

4. I am currently on diet.

5. I was a soldier

6. I love to plan schedules ahead of time


Then of course I went ahead to have some quick sketch of the first two ideas.

I am planning to include minimal interactivity and also try to explore different mediums. Of course as far as possible I wish to be able to ‘stick to my tradition’ of incorporating storytelling into my presentation.




Thats all for now! Wishing everyone have a JOYous new year!!!




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