Project 1 UPDATES YO

Hi everybody, hope all of you my dearest handsome and pretty classmates had a wonderful chinese new year gaining pounds after non stop eating of food and steamboats. Nonetheless its time for another update of my project one.

After the group consultation last week I have compiled and recorded some pointers and very useful suggestions from both Joy and my classmates. The feedbacks and critique given were extremely helpful in making me improve on my first draft!

As of now I am already in the process of doing the composition. First of all I might be going with what I have always been doing and that is to tell a mini story using the 4 composition that I have. Also I would want to inject some humour into my project as usual but well situational humour can’t really be scripted so I’ll just let my boat go straight once it reaches the river head.


Im intrigued by one of the suggestions given and that is to go with the ‘Find wally’ theme. In essence, I am sort of hiding my name or initials inside the composition for the viewer to ‘find’ it. Although it is easy, but the idea and concept is there. There is some level of interactivity I am trying to achieve.

These are just two of the compositions that I am currently working on..





This two compositions are done with pencils and then outlined wit pigment liner. I intend to colour them using colour pencils.

There are two more compositions, one of them require some art and craft of cutting and pasting and the other one i will be utilising digital manipulation using the photoshop. All in all, I am taking all these chances during projects to try out as many medium as I can to see which one suits me and also because I want to make

my project experience less mundane and more interesting for myself. After all school is the only time you can try new things without being condemned by your bosses or clients right 😀


IT has been fun so far! Still thinking about what background to use for laying these 4 compositions. What colour to use to enhance the effect and message I am trying to bring across.


To recap and finalise, these are the 4 compositions about me that I am doing.

Hi, my name is Zactee and I….

  1. Love solving the rubiks cube.
  2. Am currently on diet.
  3. was a Gunnery instructor
  4. Have trypophobia


I can’t wait to see all my other classmate’s work! Until then!


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