2D Project Two Rhymmeees!

It has been a wonderful journey from the start all the way to the end of this project two. From the creation of my own version of ‘Row the boat’ Rhyme to the finding of dingbats to the compositing of the various designs using both from me and my classmate’s dingbats, the experience and amount of creative process that I… Read more →

Foundation 4D Assignment 3

  Foundation 4D Assignment 3   Genre: Horror/Psychological thriller                                                            Film Title: MASK     Hook: A psychotic man with a secret fetish of slicing people’s faces and sewing them into realistic human masks for his sick collection, used his skills to infiltrate into the privacy and life of the girl he secretly loves, under another person’s identity, and ultimately… Read more →

Project One Visual Journal

          The visual journal I’ve been keeping and updating is a timeline that records the progress of the entire project one from the scratch. Simpler ideas like sketching of molecular structures and explosions and explosive lines were what I started with. As I progressed, I delved deeper and had a stronger grasp and understanding of the… Read more →

Lines Project One

Foundation 2D Assignment one Final   The entire project has been given me chance and opportunity to play around with different materials and also multitude of ways to achieve different textures and style through the use of mono printing as well. Although after experimenting much during the research process, I did not incorporate the use of my mono prints into… Read more →

Rhymes (Research)

  The research artist/movement I did up was on Hannah Hoch and the Constructivism art movement. Before I further present my findings and elaborate on how the two researches are going to aid in my project, I would like to tell you my choice of rhyme.   The one I chose, was ‘Row row row your boat”. It has many… Read more →

Foundation 4D Assignment

Foundation 4D Assignment 2   This is a short story about a man who constantly dreams of attaining riches and success overnight. Beginning: Our main character found an a suspicious and abandoned bag in the midst of the park out of nowhere. Out of curiosity, he decided to keep it in hopes of finding valuables inside. Middle: Our main character… Read more →

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