2D project 2 – FINAL

Selected work for Final Submission

After doing so many versions of the compositions, I realized that there is no end to editing a picture to make it better because there are always things to change, to add or even new and better ideas. So in the given time, this is the best 4 I could produce. in terms of composition or the story behind it.


Humpty Dumpty sat on the wallHD sat on the wall 2smallThe foreground of Humpty Dumpty is dark to contrast the light background and make it stands out from the composition. Because Humpty is sitting on the wall, it is stationary while the lady in the picture is being repeated diagonally to instill movements and direction which counteract the stillness of the image. The series of lady is also being tone to the similar tone to Humpty to balance the visual weight in the picture.


Humpty Dumpty had a great fallHD had a great fall (2e1 SmallHumpty Dumpty had a great fall, Fall as in Autumn. In this composition, the brightness of Humpty is adjusted to a lighter tone to contrast the dark background, Humpty is also being placed in the middle of the composition while having a circle of fallen leaves which help viewers to focus in the middle of this composition as there are very little detail by the side of the picture. there are also outer glow in both Humpty and the lady to bring both of them appear to pop out from the background.

All the King’s horses and all the king’s men.PrintSymmetry is used to give the feeling of stability as “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” is supposed to give a vibe of pride, order, security and strength, all of this is best shown with the stability which symmetry gives. Proportion of the soldier is being adjusted to make the composition more interesting even though there are only two element in it which is the soldier and the horse, by the using different size soldiers to fill up the picture, it is giving a sense of fulfillment, both side of the repeated soldier is also darken to make the most symbolic piece in the middle to stand out.


She gave them some broth without any breadgave some broth without bread 4Again, The subject is being placed right in the middle as i think this is the clearer way to bring focus to the message that i want to bring across. in here, the bread is a missing piece in a pan filled with vegetable, this symbolized that there is a lack of bread. repetitive patterns of pots and pans is used as background and greyed out to reduce the contrast of the pan to the backgound, making the bread to stand out even more as it is the only with white base.

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