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New direction for this project, I need to re think all my ideas again.

Starting from how to depict my ideas using my classmate, i gave myself direction to choose from, maybe i can choose from generic ideas like for example metaphoric, a heart of gold i could use someone and lots of gold? brave as lion with someone and an lion in it?

Thinking about this, there is an inside joke between Jeremy and me, because he is a Mauritian which is beside Africa, I would disturb him by telling him to go hunt lion in Africa.. maybe i could use this idea.

2015-11-03 21.18.09

A list of ways to do my work in.. i could do one medium for each box, making 12 medium in total, maybe?

or i could choose 2 mediums and do a 6 – 6 so that it would have a general theme to it hence clearer message since it is the classmate in the picture i want to emphasis, not my art.

2015-11-03 21.18.13


brainstorming of ideas i could use for my final, those boxed out is what i chose and V1 and V2 meant version 1 and version 2 which i think it would be a better idea.2015-11-03 21.18.212015-11-03 21.18.25

In conclusion, my 4 equation are –

Honesty + Optimistic = Humorous (me)

Hong sheng in “the honest woodsman” + Marianne in her cheerful smile = Zhouyang as himself (will be funny as it is)

Adventurous – Procrastinating = Dream chaser (better me)

Ibrahim in Adventure Time – Isaac doing things halfway = Jeremy chasing lion with a spear in Africa

More knowledge x More kindness = Save the world (ideal me)

Madeline studying x Munn feeding cat = Amazing Anam

Making friends + Having fun = Happy me (me in 5 years)

Me trying to make weird friends + Me doing abnormal fun things = whole class smiling cheerfully.


Heres my half done drawings with watercolour.

Honesty (supposed to be HongSheng, but not alike..)



Oprimistic (Miaranne)



Humorous (ZhouYang)

2015-10-27 00e


Adventurous (Ibrahim)



Procrastination (Isaac)



Dream chaser (Jeremy)



My half done digital paintings

More Kindness (Madeline)


More Kindness (Munn)



Save the world (Amazing Anam)

save the world1

Making Friends (me with toothless)

making friends1

Having Fun (me)

having fun1

Me in 5 years (everyone)

andddddd~~~ time stalk my classmate facebook and search for their smilessss!!!!

this is the result of stalking!!!



spent many hours to find suitable picture reference and around 3 hours to have the lineart of these sketches, each sketch is done on a 200mm by 200mm file to preserve as much detail as possible of the faces and formed this..

5 years1

It is kind of hard to rearrange everything to make it organised having me in the middle with 22 people in our class, so I added Shirley to make it 23 and I could make it into 22 + 1 = 11+1+11 and therefore arrange it nicely.

Next post will be my final works.

to be continue….

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