Chapter 1: Repository – Day 1.

Arisampat and Aurora are room mate for 6 years and was from the same batch of training section in the Sovereignty Institute of Training (SIT), they went through hardship and grew up together, both of them are well known to be the notorious Double-A Battery (AKA Double-A) as they are totally energized with some trouble and kind of tiny when they were younger.

The room is a twin room with a black bunk bed, Aurora sleeps on top and Arisampat on the bottom, there are one study table for each of them and Arisampat’s table will always be full of junk (her gadget and treasures) while Aurora’s table is always neat. It is also one of the best twin room with window due to the connection of Arisampat’s father.

18 January 2279 – 7A.M, Repository 097, Block F, Level 3, room 1A.
room 1e1

Aurora woke up at 7am and Arisampat is tinkering her gadgets as she always wake up before the sea turns bright and continue to do her stuffs if was not completed the day before. While Aurora get ready for the day, Arisampat continue to tinker her gadget. 30 Minutes later, Double A goes to the canteen at Level 1 to have their breakfast as their usual morning routine.

Today is their first day as Official Licentiate who graduated from their 8 years of Guidance (Arisampat: “what a nice way to phrase it! It is more like 6 YEARS OF TORTURE AND ANOTHER 2 IN HELL”) in the Sovereignty Institute of Training (SIT). Arisampat worked as a freelancer for the government while she was in the Guidance while Aurora said that she is a normal girl so she don’t want to work as a trainee, however Aurora was the top scorer in Academic result within the cohort. (There is Academic, Physical and Military faculty during Guidance and trainees had to pass all to graduate.)

canteen 2c

While eating breakfast, both of you heard the conversation two table away between your formal military instructor and an unknown man…

Instructor :”The Generator in Block B shut down two days ago…

Man :”Really? That means Block B have only one generator left… I mean, it is enough to have only one generator, but it is always nice to have more electricity.. doesn’t it?

Instructor : “We don’t need more electricity, we need security… The problem now is that there is no backup anymore, if another Generator get shut down again, the supply and usage would not be in equilibrium…

Man : “If any block don’t have its own generator, we would need to channel electricity from another block and this would cause a chain event if more were to shut down.

Instructor : “Yes, that’s the problem. So do you have any solution?

Man : “I wish I do, I want to be hero too…

Instructor : “…….

Man : “………..well… I might have… But I am not certain.

Instructor : “If it’s easy, we wouldn’t need you anyway.

Man : “Let me think about it…


Both of you finished your breakfast but sits in static to eavesdrop the interesting conversation and suddenly, the man stand up in lightning speed, the chair got launched backward and crashed onto the ground, the man rushed out of the canteen….

What did you do?

Author: Ong Zi Feng

Just doing things, making stuffs.

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  1. Out of curiosity, I walk out the canteen casually to prevent any more tension while everybody is whispering about what just happen. I followed the man closely and quietly without him noticing. After awhile I find him very familiar. Oh, I have meet him few days ago in daddy’s office. He left us after I entered the room.

  2. Arisampat returned the plate to the collection point and leave the canteen after the man rushed out, the Instructor saw the exit of Arisampat, face palmed and shake his head slightly. What did Aurora do? talk to the instructor, go for another round of breakfast or do other thing?

    1. Arisampat follow the man in some distance while maintaining visual contact, as the man turns at the junction of the corridor, Arisampat sped up to catch some distance and slow down after she sees the man, this was repeated for 6 time before the man stopped in front of an unknown room in the Water Collection and Filtration Center. The man stood there and seems to be finding for something from his cargo pants pocket and after some exploring in his puffy side pocket, he pulled out a small bunch of keys and inserted into the keyhole. Arisampat walk nearer while acting like she just passed by, the door open and the man went inside, while Arisampat passed by, she saw a few electronics and jars in the dark room lit in dull green light and the door closed. On the door there is a sign – “SECURE SECTOR” what did Arisampat do?

        1. It appears to be only accessible key, as you know, the whole R097 is accessed by security code but it is weird that this door doesn’t have one. There is a Air vent on the ceiling in front of the door, you also have some paper clip and hair pins in your pocket.

  3. Arisampat stepped on the door knob of the door and tried to open the vent cover as fast as possible. Roll 2D6 against your speed and intelligence. (2 6 sided dice + speed attribute(2)+ Intelligence attribute(5))

      1. You successfully open the vents and pull yourself into the vents swiftly. after you enter, you go towards the direction you think leads to the room. Roll 2D6 against your Int to see if you know where you are going or not.

          1. you thought you were heading the right way, after a few moment in the vent, you see a opening which emit green light, carefully you go towards it. Upon reaching it, by the ledge of the opening you saw, from the top, a large table with many junks on it which reminds you of you own table, a office desk behind it. behind the desk there is a crest/logo which is the same one as embroided on the back of the man’s shirt. The man walked under your vision with a cup of coffee in his hand, walked towards the office desk and sits behind the desk right at this moment, You hear slam which sound like from the door and “SIR! theres an urgent report!” the guy who just came in walk over and talk softly, you could barely hear it, do you try to figure out what is being said or do other things?

    1. As you leaned towards the vent cover under your face to get your ear closer to them, you put some of your body weight onto the cover which cause it to disjoint and drop straight into the room, you tried to save it as fast as you could, roll 2D6 against your speed.

        1. Your hand travel in lightning speed to grab the vent cover, you reached out out of the vent and hit it with your index finger and middle finger while trying to grab it, however you only scrape it and managed to spin it mid air, the cover crashed upon contacting the metallic floor… the two man in the room looked at you, one of them seems to be in shock…
          After a few second of silence, the mystery man said “errmmmm…. Arisampat, you know… I diden’t lock the door on purpose for you to sneak in?” slightly frowned and covered half of his face.
          What did Arisampat do?

    1. Aurora walk towards the instructor and stood in front of him and said ” Good morning Instructor! who was that guy?”

      Arisampat acrobat down from the vent and landed on the messy table, look at the man in the eye and after a few seconds of silent, Arisampat said “Who the hell are you and why do you know me?”
      The man replied “I am Theron Lycrucaster.”

      Instructor said: ” He is the only hero alive.”

      “And I have an important mission for you.”

      To Be Continue…

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