Lore 2: Repository – R097 Living Habitat

Overall internal appearance

In Repository 097, there are 6 housing block named from A-F, 3 Research Facility, 2 Agriculture facility main control building, law and control station and two major restricted building. The walkways are narrow and mainly built using different metal alloys like Grade 5 Titanium alloy,  chrome electroplated stainless steel and Aluminium due to their strength and anti corrosion properties. Everywhere you go it will look metalic except in the agriculture facility where there are some trees, plant, weed and huge plankton farm. (which all are mostly green)

Pressure Resistor

The technology to build Repository 097 far surpass what was in other Repository, the air pressure in the whole repository is 1.5bar when if without the air pressure resistor, it would be 21bar and human couldn’t survive for long without the pressure resistor.(basically, the technology allow the air pressure in R097 to stay habitable, without equalizing most of the air pressure, *OOC* something like in a plane, you will have lack of oxygen if there isn’t pressure resistor, but this works another way round.*) The pressure resistor is being maintained by a prestige family of engineers bearing the name Troposphere who their only job since the history of R097 was to maintain the Pressure Resistor which never had a single fault since then.

Diet of habitant

In R097, nobody can uses fire except for a few who have the Fire License(which is almost impossible to get unless you are special) as it is in a confined space and using of fire is against the safety protocol. Habitant cook all their meals using electric stove, oven and microwave and because of this, most of the Habitant in R097 have never seen fire in their whole life. In R097, there isn’t a diet known as vegetarian as all habitant lives on the same diet -the produce of the Agriculture Facility which is ‘vegetarian’ + planktons as all the fishes in the sea is inedible due to the nuclear waste and most of the organism in the sea mutated 165 years after the Great War, making them inedible.

Random Fact 1

As R097 is underwater, Most of the habitant don’t know the sensation of natural breeze on their skin.

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