Chapter 2: Repository – The Path of Heroes.

40 Minute ago, 7.15 Am.

Theron: “I’m sick of the food here”

Instructor: “but thats the only food you’ll get”

Theron: “I know…”

Theron to food server: “More Gelidiella Please”

Instructor: “You are a Hero! do something about the food here then”

Theron: “I might be a hero, but I aint farmer”

Instructor to food server: “No bread, thanks~”


They took the food to the dining table and sat down.


Theron: “How is our new batch of Licentiate who graduated yesterday?”

Instructor: “The finest batch u will ever see, Great teamwork, adaptive, academic excellent, I had trouble allocating marks as they are A+ standards, but i cant give them all As.. and yeah… SUPER ROWDY! which is good”

Theron: “I might need 2 new recruit for my sector, want to give me some info to reduce my scouting time?”

Instructor: “Two..? hmm.. I do have a pair to recommend, One is the smartest of the batch, and another… well.. she do various jobs as freelancer, a jack of all trait. Great pair, kind of like the leaders of the pack in the batch.”

Instructor: “You wont have problem noticing them, remember the Ginger and Blondie? Double-A Battery? Thats the two.”

Theron: “Oh! the pair! they graduated yesterday? GREAT!!”

Instructor: “The ginger Hair is Arisampat Delevingne, daughter of the Strategic Command…”

Theron: “ooooohhh…”

Instructor: “Curious, Kind of trouble maker, adaptive kind.”

Instructor: “The blonde is Aurora, She might be a blonde, but the smartest blonde you’ll ever know. Talented in the brain, fast thinking. The controller of the pair who prevent things from going overboard, every single time.”


23 Minute ago, 7.32 Am.

Arisampat and Aurora strolled into the canteen and went straight to the food counter.

Instructor: “Here comes the devil”

Theron: “lets lure them!”

Instructor: “ok, this will be fun!”







Theron: “This is the Secure Sector in R097, only people with restricted pass could enter, by sneaking in, you have broken the law and I, the commander of Secure Sector has the authority to prosecute you. Now I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself.”

Instructor: “Arisampat could not say no to the hero request and she should be accepting the mission, while you are part of the mission and I hope you can accept it together with Arisampat.”

Aurora: “The benefit of completing the mission?”

Instructor: “that, you will know after you received the mission from the hero. all I can tell you is that it is the biggest reward you could possibly imagine.”

Instructor: “Now, go to the Secure Sector in Water Collection and Filtration Center if you wish to accept the mission.


Aurora knocked on the door of secure sector and it opened with a creek. as she walk through the room, she can smell a hint of chemical and grease all around, there is a room labled “Main Office” which she knocked and a man in army uniform opened it and she saw Arisampat sitting on a chair infront of the main desk sheepishly, Aurora walked over and sat down beside Arisampat.

Theron: “so I supposed both of you accepted the mission.”

Aurora: “yes!”

Arisampat: “……”




You are to pack your things and depart to the surface of land tomorrow, there are a few things you need to do at the surface.

1 – Look for other Repository and learn how they are living on the surface.

2 – Look for alternative electricity generator or electricity experts living on the surface.

3 – Survive. 


The Sonic Submarine departs on 19 January 2279, 6Am. Be there on time, and good luck your journey.

Bring anything you want, but as common sense, the more you bring, the heavier it is.


Author: Ong Zi Feng

Just doing things, making stuffs.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Repository – The Path of Heroes.”

  1. The double-A packed their stuffs and rested early that night after packing.
    Arisampat is so excited and woke up an hour earlier while Aurora woke up just on time to get ready. They reported to Secure Sector and Theron Lycrucaster’s yawned while opening the door with his bed hair.

    After some time, Theron gave both of them an air mask that filters out all radioactive material if there are no leakage, 2 bottles of spray that is made from Mycoplankton essence that repel 99.9% of the radioactive and pollution in the air for 8 hours however it is only partially water resistant which might be washed off in the rain. Double A also received a self cleansing water tube which filtrate all impurities, bacterial and contamination from all water source that enable them to drink water from any water source.

    The briefing was held on the way walking to the pier, which happens to be a very short walk.

    This is the first time Double-A attempt to travel to the surface of the earth, they are thrilled and afraid at the same time as they heard many stories, wonderful and frightening ones, nonetheless, it is their time to embark on their journey.

    The submarine hatch opens with a hydrolic hiss sound. The captain of the sonic submarine greeted them as they ducked and squeeze into the mini seats, which are not bad for them because they are small in size, the hatchet closes while Theron said “I heard there are monster on the land too, good luck!”
    Aurora and Arisampat look like they got shocked, Theron saw a flash of 4 middle finger and the sound of “FUUUUUCC…..”right before the hatch slams shut.

    The sonic submarine started to sink and few seconds later, the underwater gateway opens and a small shadow passes through the gateway and it closes, moment after it closes, Theron plugged his index fingers into his ears and an impact outside of the gateway created a miniature shockwave. Theron smiles to himself.

    To be continue…

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