Lore 4 : Repository – Above the sea- African continent.

This was Durban in South Africa before the great war and most of it still stands, however there are no electricity in the city and no living above ground. The only location which is populated is the Repository built under Fox Stadium : Repository 33


The situation in the four continents differ vastly, Africa, America, Asia and Europe are never the same as what it was in year 2000 AD

The world climate changes drastically due to the great war, Africa received higher rainfall because the nuclear detonated in Khartoum of Sudan turn sudan into an urban heat island (UHI) that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas, causing it to lift the air which resulted in pulling the atmospheric water vapor from the southern ocean inwards into Africa, turning Africa rainfall to be higher than the rest of the world.

Most of the major city buildings before the Great war are still standing except for those in the 7 nuclear sites which a created a radioactive cater that nothing natural could survive anywhere near the site. Before the Great war, Africa developed faster than the rest of the world and hence their technological advancement surpasses japan in terms of transportation and housing.


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