2D Sem 2 Project 1 – TYPO – Final 4


I am a Vandaliser2016-02-15 19e3

The most Straightforward piece among my 4 final, self explanatory, Yellow is used because it is the loudest and brightest colour, i want it to have the BANG effect, the red splutter in the middle bring out the yellow even more.

I am a 3D Artist
2016-02-14 23e4

I really like the effect of this piece, if I separate them into pieces, it would not look anywhere nice, but if I stack them together, the 3D effect is really striking. especially the drop shadow between each layers add to the effect!

I am Trypophobic
2016-02-15 19e2

Really very disturbing for me, but the more I look at it, the more OK I become. Because I look at it so much when making it, I kind of force myself to fight my slight phobia and overcome it just a bit.

I am an Electrician2016-02-15 19e12016-02-15e2

Looking at the real thing, the background is gold, therefore the yellow LED fade with the background, making the red appear slightly more red than it is. I think the knob is a very cool effect as anything that allows interactions would better having none.

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