Chapter 3: Repository – The earth above sea.

After 2 hours in the sonic submarine the engine turned off and it docked at the abandon pier of Port Elizibeth in South Africa. The submarine hatch open and it is raining heavily outside, Aurora and Arisampat who are wearing the air mask looked at the downpour outside and look at each other and seems to be in shock.

Aurora and Arisampat has never seen rain in their life, they heard about it alot and was taught about it since young, they know exactly how rain is formed and the science behind it, in reality, the fun in practice far exceed theory. Getting so excited, they took all of their belongings and jumped off the submarine without thanking the captain.



Stepping on a puddle of water and getting wet has never felt so refreshing before, it seems so magical that there is no ceiling and rain fall down from above, they had never seen the sky before, heard about it but their first time seeing it, the grayish mass of sky that is showering them water is so much better than the ceiling, this is too good!

The rain splashes against their skin and there is a weird tingly sensation that they had never felt before, the sensation of the wind brushing against their skin so naturally, so cold.

Double A danced in the rain and totally forgotten what Theron told them “The mycoplankon essence will be washed off in the rain”. After minutes in the rain, they start to feel a burning sensation on their skin, the rain is highly acidic and they know they shouldn’t stay in the rain and started running towards what seems like the city as the rain blurred their vision. Arisampat thought she saw a flash of light in the city while she was sprinting, as they sprint in the painful rain, the blurred city gets nearer and clearer, they could see a giant sign -Trex Mart-


Double A ran towards it and pushed the heavy door, it opened.

It is dark inside and they could see rows and rows of fallen shelves, a few counters and right beside the entrance there is a big metallic cabinet that look like an old power generator with a handle on it, Arisampat try to pull the handle, after a few time, the power generator run by its own and few moments later, the light in the mart flickers and lighted up row by row with most of the lights not lighting up after it flickers.

The dim yellowish light enable Double A to see the interior of the mart, mart is in a chaos as all the shelves fell onto the ground with many human skeletons. It seems like there are useful things lying around as this is a big mart that sells almost anything. There is a big old fashion radio that seems to stand out because there is almost no dust on it, sitting on the counter nearest to the entrance.

What will you do?

Author: Ong Zi Feng

Just doing things, making stuffs.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Repository – The earth above sea.”

    1. You go near the radio saw that it seem to be more complicated than a usual radio, you tried a few button on the radio and finally pressed the red button on the radio.
      The radio emitted a few tonal beep followed a weird electrical buzzing sound which paused after a moment and another string of strange electrical sound mixed with a background of human voice that is all jumbled up turning on and off at times.
      soon after, there is only white noise coming from the radio, you heard a click and the radio went silent.
      what will u do?

    1. You go near to the skeletons and notice that there is no injuries to the bones, no crack, no broken bones could be seen. Some of the skeleton are holding phones on their hand which appears to be partially melted, the skeletons seems to died during day to day activity. you touched one of the arm and the bone shattered into pieces.

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