Lore 5: Repository – The Law of the privileged(LOTP)

The first Law that existed in Repository097 was the Law of the Privileged Ones(LOTPO),

The Privileged Ones (PO) are those who are class S and above. it include the title of Chief of Justice, Strategist, Governors, Chief in Command, General and Heroes.

As a PO, they hold the power to sentence anyone in their sector to punishments, removing trackers, captivity, exile, or even death. They have the power to use any resource in any sector unless the PO in that given sector denies their usage. PO also have the ability to use fire even in a confine space

PO can only be judged by higher authority of their own sector, if there are no higher authority in their sector, they would be in judiciary of their peers holding the same authority in their sector, and if there are no such person, they would not be sentenced even if they break the law.

The LOTPO is the only law during the start of Repository097, all other laws were added by PO in the sector.

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