Lore 6: Repository – Jeremiad Day.

On September 21, 2114, the major countries in the world commenced a brief but rapid exchange of nuclear strikes, the war lasted for only two hours and nuclear was dropped on Karagandy of Kazakhstan, Nagoya of japan, Khartoum of Sudan, Brisbane of Australia, Asuncion of Paraguay, Austin of Texas and Edmonton of Alberta. These 7 deadly nuclear affected the world as chemical waste, radiation and shock-wave spreaded across the globe, making the surface of the earth inhospitable.

Humanity survived but struggled to do so, Survivors lives in a bunker named Repository which was build by the World Government to shelter citizens across the world in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

September 21, the day which survivors shifted from their home to the Repository, many survivors were killed on this day, not by the nuclear war, but by other survivors who were desperate to get into the Repository. A century after the great war, Jeremiad Day serves as a reminder of conflicts, but as twisted as it seems, everyone in Repository is the decedent of those who might killed someone just to get into repository, and nonetheless, the survivors. This is the day to celebrate their survivor ancestors of surviving, and in Repository097, it is a day of sports competition within the repository, Inhabitants representing their block competes with each others and this is the biggest event of the year. The highlight of the event: Submarine Race.

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