Lore 7: Repository – Radio.

In Repository097, the idea of TV only exist in history textbook as there are no TV channel and TV set available in the Repository, the only source of entertainment and media is from the radio which is played through the speaker that can be found in all rooms and can be switch on/off by a knob in every room.

The radio station of R097 lies at the top of Main Station above the Pier and is running by a 12 group of broadcasters who works 24/7, keeping the radio and spreading information throughout R097, in some sort, they are the control room within R097 who took control of the media and some said propaganda is part of their existence.

Radio Frequency is a good way to communicate within different repository as the frequency are not greatly affected by the radioactive environment, so the only way to communicate with the outside world of R097 is through Radio transmission, which they never replied even after information is received because R097 is a secret Repository built and their existence is known by little.

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