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The rain splashes against their skin and there is a weird tingly sensation that they had never felt before, the sensation of the wind brushing against their skin so naturally, so cold.

Double A danced in the rain and totally forgotten what Theron told them “The mycoplankon essence will be washed off in the rain”. After minutes in the rain, they start to feel a burning sensation on their skin, the rain is highly acidic and they know they shouldn’t stay in the rain and started running towards what seems like the city as the rain blurred their vision. , as they sprint in the painful rain reaching an abandoned building that seems like a supermarket.

Double A entered and saw what seems like a diesel generator which you (Arisampat) tries to activate it and it worked, the lights turned on and you saw a big ass radio alike machine sitting right under the brightest light.


audacityThere are a total of 29 layers in this soundscape,

Rain And Thunder
water drip
Wind 2 & Wind 3 – Same sound track but different strength and tempo
Generator -starting of generator
lights on, Ignition and audio track – same sound track but repeated with lower volume and higher echo each time it repeat.
Walkie – the sound of the walkie talkie before the can you hear me.
Can You Hear Me
Dial Up

Generated and edited within Audacity:
Wind blow – Generate white noise- stretch and fade.
Air- Generate white noise and give it rhythm to match the breathing by adjusting the pitch and the volume through envelop tool

Audiotrack- blowing to mic to simulate wind hitting against door
Windstrong – blowing/whistling to mic to simulate wind hitting against door while it close/change direction of wind due to the closing door.
Flap- recorded whistling sound and increase pitch to match the door opening and closing by reversing + Reduce the tempo
Flap 2- Second layer of the door opening sound to give it a slight click sound
Humph- the sound you make naturally from between your mouth and nose when trying to exert alot of force
Air mask – Recorded of my breathing in a air mask, running: double breath and when stop running: single breath. Edited to match the tempo of natural breathing during running and resting, recorded in one take after countless of fail attempts.
Electrical start – the ambiance noise in my room due to my computer and fan, edited by fading in and equalizer
background – recording of my table fan by placing my phone on the table to record the vibration made by the fan.
Mark – Recording of my wall fan by placing my phone above the fan, without recording the hissing sound.
WOOOHOOO! – my voice, edited to sound like a girl, pan to the right side to give it show that it’s not a 1st person voice.


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