2D sem 2 Project 3 – Zine – Research and executions.

I’ll start off with different ideas for my book title. as the content will revolve around book  title, its the most important thing!!!

  • The Little Book of Rejected Ideas.
  • Best of 2D
  • The Rejected
  • Behind the Submits
  • #WindStyle

Test of ideas(coverpage) and trying out the coverpage, although theres a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” but this is a 8 PAGE ZINE. COVER is half(or 1/8 in mathematical judgement) as important as the content!!!behind the submits-01windstyle1-02-01


After thinking for a long time of what i want to put into the book, and got totally no idea!!!!!!!

browsed all of my past works and below are the possible pages I think I will be using, but this doesnt seems right, first time laying out a book and I realise i am really bad in layout after a long time playing with it, then i settled with just 1 picture per page so i dont have to worry about layout, this is a fail example, dont learn from me…. I shall retry again.

Try14 Try13 Try12


After a day of failure, I started a new day.try23page 2-3e page 4-5e2page 4-52

After consulting with Shirley, I notice that i have totally no breathing space in my spread, font choice wasnt good, lack of hierarchy in my spread, and I always know that i am really bad in laying out, choosing font, if you ask me to draw/compose a picture, i could do it without much thinking, then give me text, I DIED.







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