2D sem 2 Project 3 – Zine – Final-Final1-Final2-FinalEdited-ReallyFinal-ReallyReallyFinal…..






Finally final, throughout this project, I’ve learnt many things, how to use InDesign, the very basic of laying out and making of a Zine(which i am really bad in and still feel so after the project), if unsure – ask, if still unsure after asking – copy other peoples work in your own style. I also learn that how a block of text should be like in a page and such.


DO NOT LEAVE THE PRINTING SHOP BEFORE CHECKING ON THE PRINT QUALITY AND ALIGNMENT OR ELSE YOU WILL WASTE TON OF MONNNIIIEESSSSS!!! and also to prove that i cant decide which coverpage to use till last minute, i printed all potential coverpage out and cut the gold and silver one by one and very carefully to make sure every one of them is submission worthy. chose the bottom row middle one in the end as it is more WindStyle- MY STYLE.

2016-04-11 22.26.57



lastly, I realise page layout is totally different from a piece of painting/artwork as a good page layout is totally unnoticeable, unlike a painting when it is good, it will grab attention. so in conclusion, I survived this project and tried my best to stay afloat and not to die in my own failure of self doubting, became very doubtful of my judgement of beauty, know i cant handle this project myself and go around asking people about opinion and “This 1 nice or not?” to try to produce something consultation worthy and finally, receive advice given by Shirley and made huge improvements to my work and tried to do the best i can within my capabilities and tadaaaa! im done.

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