Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – research part 1 (2 potential topic)

Possible Project ideas and researches for final project:

Possible idea 1 : Game –

Game is the first thing that comes to my mind when talking about interactive narrative as it is the most straightforward component which can blend the both aspect well seamlessly. this is a video i found on youtube while researching about the mechanics of narrative which I get some ideas which different games will result in different effect on the user perspective like the type of “game play”, “cut-scene”, and even things like platform can be taken into consideration before everything else, (to make a phone app will be very different from making a webpage both in the producing and user experience aspect.)


some screenshot which i think really make sense and amount of attention spend = more in depth the user could experience as well as the typical pricing for the programs/game/app. I think this is really interesting.attention-economies


This is a mindmap which i summarized during and after the video, for those who got not much time to watch it, the mindmap could cover the rough idea of the video, however I really recommend you guys to watch it.




Idea 2: Interactive(sort of) video

this is an old idea which i really think is interesting as the user is not really “Interacting” with the video, it is only the matter of perception of the user which made them feel like they are doing something to the video when actual fact the user isnt doing anything but since i think the misleading of perception is really interesting, this might be a good project for hilarious outcome!



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