Year 2 sem 2 – Interactive 2 – Exercise 2, Le Peeping Tom

Featured image warning: “sorry I retard I laughed at myself LOLLLOLL”

This Exercise was built on top of the previous one where we can use the majority of the exercise 1’s code and add on the playback of another video to it, playing the frame corresponding to the x position of the face detected.

I’ve also added the “if” statement which made the video to “look” at the middle when no face is detected and “line” it so that the face will turn gradually(only somewhat as i do not have enough framecount in my clip to make it really smooth)


in this exercise, I’ve learnt how to:

  • playback a certain part of video
  • use the “if”, “then” and “else” statement properly in max

2017-02-06-19-13-25 2017-02-06-19-13-39 2017-02-06-19-13-50

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