Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction Week 5 – ADM Building part 1

ADM Layout Research: Floor Plan Searching

2017-01-18-12-11-53I tried to find floor plan of ADM online and after long period of searching, I could not find any Floor plan that contain any information information I need Therefore I took a photo of ADM floor plan at level one near the lift to use it as the base to build ADM so that my general proportion is correct(hopefully).

First Blender Usage – Gave up.

2017-01-21-02-31-58I’ve tried blender (since its free) and seriously dont like it as I am totally not used to it, all the basic control is different from what I am used to, therefore I’ve decided to stick to Sketchup since it can be exported into FBX and be used as Unity Models.


The Start of BUILDING ADM.


In the end, sketch up is much better since the function is more basic and is able to be used to create a low poly model(note: my game is phone base game therefore highly detailed models might lag game and reduce the overall experience while playing).2017-01-21-13-22-22I have the picture of the Floor plan of level one. But the height and other thing like the slope gradient I’ve used google image search to estimate how tall it should be, how steep each slope is and roughly model ADM out visually(i am sure it is wrong structurally speaking, but at least i tried to make it as visually similar to the real thing as possible.) Every line was actually drawn by me(except the little human figure which is there by default when sketchup is opened, which i used it to gauge the scale of whole ADM and i changed the scale a few times afterwards)

2017-01-21-15-07-09When I tried to build the Sunken plaza, I realized that I’ve modeled ADM wrongly in the previous picture the ending of the two slope (product design room and the animation room side) are on different height and tried to fix it to the correct one below.

As the top of ADM is a slope and curvy, everything near to the top of ADM was REALLLYYY HARD to align as sketchup is good only in making XYZ alignment but not otherwise so I need to draw many line in XYZ direction just to align the position and delete those lines afterwards, which took me a lot of time.

After that all this modeling, I’ve made the rough exterior of ADM out but I am sure that the bigger problem will be the interior which will take up most of the time, at least I’ve got the easiest part done, FOR NOW.

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