Research Critique – Here Come the Videofreex

I started watching the video with intention of finding out what made them revolutionary in the field of broadcasting, then I notice the common theme that they had since the start of the video throughout – They were persistently breaking the laws and social rules while being driven by their passion to finish what they started.

like how they stole the tapes from CBS 29:34 to 30:50 –

I think its the spirit in them that they film everything regardless of being good or bad, they will document everything and they felt like they had the responsibility to do all of those for the people and the future generation like how they mentioned here –

“There was a Political Obligation that we had to these people, not to let CBS have them.”

and during 48:26

“It was Necessary for us to go to these place where history was being made and to say : Lets have that alternative record.”

The Videofreex were going out of their way to get the record for the people  (even committing mutiny against CBS and hijacking the show) and this sense of being a part of something bigger was an important factor for them to go on for such a long time even with measly wages. Because of these, they were doing things that weren’t done by others during that time especially during a period when America was relatively in chaos which many demonstration were happening and Videofreex were not shy in covering the events from within the demonstration and even getting beaten by the police. Plus, Videofreex were covering on topics like Abortion and Death, which none of the mainstream TV would do during that time.

All of these set them apart from the mainstream TV and I am sure that many individuals were inspired by them for the actions they’ve done. With the portability of the Sony Portapak, paired with the guerrilla way of filming which gave the insight of an event happening, anyone could potentially be someone important that document the history, this slowly grew into the need of having a smaller video recorder to make it more potable. Videofreex had revolutionized the way news were being reported from being an “third party observer” to “First party participant” which could be seen in the news where the news reporter traveled down to the place where the event were taking place (e.g. chinese new year, tsunami aftermath) and report straight from the place.

Lastly, keep playing and experimenting with these things like Videofreex and you will get somewhere. For me, I think that anyone could be a social broadcaster, but those who are willing to take the risk for the things that they have passion in will become a legend.

Author: Ong Zi Feng

Just doing things, making stuffs.

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  1. Excellent. You are right, the Videofreex realized early on that independent media could be used to cover events that the mainstream media wouldn’t touch. Yes, they were risk takers, believed in their mission, had a clear sense of where they wanted to take the new medium of video. The question is: do you and your fellow students have a clear idea of where YOU want to take the new media? You can take great inspiration from the Videofreex as a model for determination and vision.

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