Interactive Devices – Research 2: Musical Instruments.

Unconventional Musical Instruments

So, Lets go back to the basis of music… What is music?

Music are basically sound organised in time.

so to break it apart, any thing that produce sound in a timely manner could produce music. right.

and if goes further, sound is vibrations through a medium like gas(Air), liquid(Water) or solid(Bones)

and if we reverse the broken parts back up, anything that vibrates in a timely manner could potentially generate music. YEAH~ a ruler could vibrate, so a ruler is a potentially musical instrument.

As with my previous research about motors, Stepper vibrate more than Servo, so a Stepper is a louder musical instrument than a Servo.

of course, they should not be this loud so they were placed on a table and the vibration will be transferred to the table and it will resonate which amplifies the volume of the sound as the table have larger surface area.

Old floppy disk reader contains motor inside, with programming, they could produce music too:


Musical box  instruments.

This is basically the introduction of a music box, I think Music boxes are wonderful instruments that seems really magical considering that they could play music almost automatically minus the winding part at around 200 years ago where electricity were not even used as modern context(not in the sense that Egypt used “Batteries” thousand of years ago.).


Remember the video which Prof Demers showed us during lesson, the Marble Machine by Martin Molin?Image result for marble machine

I was fascinated and really impressed with the amount of calculations, engineering and mechanical effort used to build just one of these machine. This is a manual musical instrument that the skill of the artist really contributed to the overall work of this piece, imagine if I were to play it, it will definitely not sound like the original.

And I will talk more about the inspiration or the predecessor of The Marble Machine, “The Eighth Wonder Of the World” which is an Orchestrion that incorporate 3 violins in it. This too, the engineering effort within it is astonishing!

The 3 violins were used due to the mechanical aspect of it, since violins have 3 strings, it would made more sense to use 3 violins one string each than to create a complex mechanism that play all 3 strings on one violin.


Futuristic spin on Traditional Instrument

The classic instruments are awesome with limitation, This is why people are programming advancement into classical instruments.

Lets take a the simplified evolution of piano starting with the oldest piano in existence(around 330 years old) for example.

Related image

after a lot of version and variations that sound slightly different and with some improvements and then came the Electric piano in late 1920(90+ years old) which is an electro-mechanical instrument.

Image result for Neo-Bechstein electric grand piano
Piano Eléctrico Wurlitzer, modelo 200A.

and then after many versions of improvements, the more recent evolution of the traditional piano is the roli seaboard rise which uses sensor which then produce sound electrically, the interfaces still follow the traditional piano, however the sound produce and the means of producing the sound was nothing like the piano any more.


In Conclusion

In these researches of unconventional instruments, music box and the evolution of old instruments, I could see that we could use anything which could produce sound to be the base of a musical instrument, We could revise a traditional instrument like roli seaboard rise, we could build a system that uses old unrelated objects and make them an instruments like the stepper motor music,  we could possibly use a system that plays existing musical instruments like “The Eighth Wonder Of the World

There are no right and wrong ways in making music, the only problem is is it audible?



Robotics – HUMAN+ Reflection and critics

Human+ was an eye-opener for me in the sense that the robotics we have now is still in the developing stage and we are still years apart from artificially intelligence robots like we saw in the movies.

Chris Trying to interact with Nadine.

The Robotic piece which caught my attention was Nadine and I saw the previous group of strangers whom had some interaction with Nadine, she was not reacting to my speech, but she seem to be able to “look” and wave at me when I was sitting down. That’s why I am sure that the camera and most of her movements are working well. Nadine is a robot made in NTU which is trilingual and knew English, French and German and I am impressed with it.

or maybe its my horrible English. Also to clarify, I am really amazed when I sat in front of Nadine and she “look” at me and I felt intrigued so I do not see the project Nadine as a failure at all even if it does not register what I said, Nadine is awesome and the quality is superb and since people are in the developing of AI globally, I see Nadine as a stepping stone to push for more advance and intelligent developer to get over the technological hurdle to make her to act exactly like a real human.Photo credit to Isaac Chu

The hardest animatronics to replicate is human as we grew up looking at peoples all the time and, we are so good in observing facial expression and how a normal should normally look and act, an abnormality in the expression will make them unnatural but Nadine was really well made and had almost past the uncanny valley which if she sits on the chair, with eye closed, she will look exactly like a human being when not moving.

I think few years later, we will be able to interact with robots so advanced that we will have a hard time distinguishing a robot from a real person.This humanoid robot is eerily lifelike

Interactive Devices – HUMAN+ Reflection and critics.

Through the exhibition, it kept coming to me that human was always seeking to be a better version of ourselves and it’s only recent in human history that we are able to breakthrough some technological barriers which finally make some progress in augmenting human’s physical and biological to make improvements. Since I personally think that morality is just a concept which is generally accepted by the culture, there should be no right and wrong in the idea of augmenting human, even on genetically modifying a baby since culture will change depending on time and location, genetically modification might be the norm in 20 years time.

The work that I am most interested in was the Tardigotchi.

Tardigotchi is a work done by SWAMP collaboration with Tiago Rorke.

The basic idea of Tardigotchi is to have two pet, one tardigrade and an digital avatar of the tardigrade. A tardigrade is an eight legged water animal which could live in the harshest environment on earth and even outerspace, I remember watching a documentary years ago about astronaut sending tardigrate into the space to test if they can survive the vacuum and radiation. Not only the tardigrate survived, they lived happily and reproduced in space and this was the reason that I really love this project and is sure that there is a real tardigrate inside of the sphere.

Another reason that I really love this work as I had thought about doing a project last year for Interactive 2 which reflect on my childhood where we keep tamagotchi as pet and I wanted to recreate a project similar to tamagotchi but on a bigger scale, like a projection at ADM lounge and we will have an ADM pet. So this project resonate with me a lot personally, just by seeing this project lying in Human+ exhibition, I knew i will write about this instantly.

This is the Tardigotchi in Dublin Human+ exhibition and it seems so much nicer then the rapid prototyped model here in Singapore.

Hyperessay #1: Concepts in Social Broadcasting

Before the start of this module, the idea of social broadcasting and Live streaming was really intimidating to me and I would probably never do it unless there is reasons that I must, and this module was the reason. After 6 occasion of going on live and broadcasting, it is still intimidating for me to do so, maybe this was the beauty of it, the realness aspect to the Live streaming which made it frightening and interesting.

In the first lesson, we had Real Time Aggregation 

15 min of randomness in adm

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Thursday, 17 August 2017

which was also my first facebook live ever. And I was ferociously dropkicked out of the comfort zone to produce my first Live video ever, but through it, I learnt how to use the Facebook Live function properly and upon inspecting my piece while writing the OSS post about it,I notice a few pointers which could be used in the future – to talk morein the video and also the function of switching the phone’s front and back camera, both of it greatly influenced the way the second Facebook Live assignment – Alter Ego : I Am Bonnie whereby Bonnie was born. This was my favorite piece I produced due to the reaction of the audience, Bonnie was well loved(hated) by many!

I am Bonnie, a Pokemon trainer from Japan. I want to be the very best like no one ever was, to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause. This is a Alter Ego project for assignment 2, sorry but I hope you don't get cancer from watching/hearing this.

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Lets Start by going through our Critiques

Learning from the past to create the future was always something which I believed in, we did the VideofreexHole in SpaceBOLD3RRR and world longest collaborative sentence critiques. Out of these, the Videofreex and Bold3RRR had influence immensely in my approached of live broadcasting. Videofreex taught me that for us to create something that is really unique and legendary, we have to put ourselves in a situation where we are outside of the comfort zone, taking risk and breaking rules sometime would result in peculiar outcomes.

I used to think that “Broadcasting” was a concept that I’ll film anything I wanted and put it on broadcast where many audience could view it at the same time, this changed after I saw “Here comes the Videofreex” – in the video, they transit from a “group that film and broadcast however they want” in their early work to the work after they shifted to lanesville where they had their local community to participated in their broadcast, this changed from “I film and you watch” way of broadcast to “Lets create a community and be in this together and we will all enjoy the process” concept. This is where the “Social” in Social Broadcasting” comes in.

And then, comes BOLD3RRR which contradicted everything I just said.

BOLD3RRR is a piece that the artist do whatever what he wants, producing an artwork which hardly make any sense if you watched it once, but is that a good piece?
The fact that I am more captivated by BOLD3RRR than any other Critics we had done in this course… But why?

Because Logic doesn’t explain this piece, there is no visible theory about BOLD3RRR, Jon Cates is a unique artist that made all his work heterodoxically, he not conformed into the mainstreams and social restriction, he produces them as he sees fit. This was what made his work amusing to return to, every time I re-watched BOLD3RRR, I gained something new from it as if watching it for the first time.

Videofreex VS BOLD3RRR in the battlefield of social broadcasting

So, there is two extremes in social broadcasting – something that have the audience to participate in the broadcasting as the SOCIAL Broadcasting, and something that the artist do however he wants and the audience will have mixed emotion as the SOCIAL Broadcasting. Any one of which is better than the other? I don’t know, it is only the matter of preferences. For me, one made sense but I only watched once and that’s it(BORING). another was a total nuts but I watched more than 30 times and still cant fully get it(AMUSING).

What about Hole in Space and world longest collaborative sentence ?

Hole in Space and world longest collaborative sentence are two piece which were really similar. The main artwork was the audience’s intercommunication and what the artist did was to create a platform for the audience to interact with each other. Is that Social broadcasting? Sure it is~ the social(many people) aspect is there, the broadcasting(many viewer on the same time at different place) aspect is there be it the communication medium was through video or text, their essence were the same.

Back to the work I did.

OBS livestream was an evolution for me after BOLD3RRR enlightened me to use pre-recorded clips into my livestream to give it an unique look that many events were happening on the screen at the same time and the audio from the pre-recorded clip will cut into my current live speech. This will slightly disorientate the viewer(I hope) and having them to listen closely if they were watching just like how I did with BOLD3RRR. I also lived up to what I said after the Real Time Aggregation, where I will talk more in the future and getting out of the comfort zone.

Lastly was the Cross Stream -Intoxicated along with the Cross Stream Technical Test.

In this Cross Stream, we had the abstract approach and it will be alright if the user does not understand this piece as we do not want to be conformed into the mainstream idea of broadcasting and wanted to try exploring what we wouldn’t otherwise explore. Our objective was to disorient the viewers by progressing the level of drunkenness through sound, visual and camera movements, all of these were inspired by BOLD3RRR where he used the glitches paired with pre-recorded audios and visual as part of his live stream just like what we did in our OBS stream.


In Conclusion

I think that there isn’t one best Social Broadcasting solution that could fit it all as Social Broadcasting come in all platforms and mediums, it is impossible for us to pinpoint what is the purpose or the appearance of Social Broadcasting, it could be in video format, text, audio and I am sure it will soon be possible to broadcast with all the senses(like touch or smell) in the near future . The only common parallels which I could draw from all the critics and my works is that – Social Broadcasting is to communicate and there is no best method for communication. We could simply(arguably) say that, shouting in the public is a form of social broadcasting.


Through this half of the semester, this GIF speaks a million words.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”

-Brian Tracy


Hole in Space,
world longest collaborative sentence

Real Time Aggregation,
Alter Ego : I Am Bonnie ,
Adobe Connect,
OBS livestream,
Cross Stream

Cross Stream Broadcasting : Intoxicated.

Bao as the Mobile Streamer

Cross stream part 2 with @bao

Cross stream part 2 with Songyu Bao

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Thursday, 21 September 2017

school project: getting drunk with ZiFeng Ong

Posted by Songyu Bao on Thursday, 21 September 2017

Me as the Mobile Streamer

Cross streaming with Songyu Bao

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Thursday, 21 September 2017

Cross streaming With drunken Zifeng

Posted by Songyu Bao on Thursday, 21 September 2017


The concept of our CrossStream was simple, since we know that there will be some inconsistency in the timing of the delay between both live stream, we decided to produce a piece where the OBS(Laptop) user would only react to the visuals of the live mobile stream and create a scenario that timing would not be the focus of the piece, 3 reasons why we produced such an intoxicated piece and totally scraped the idea of the 1st/3rd person view we did in the previous week.

First – By being drunk, the timing will be the least importance due to the nature of intoxicated, people will have a weird sense of time and since we applied filters on the Mobile Livestream, every time the Mobile Livestreamer changed the filter when entering a door, it will be a Cue for the Laptop Livestreamer to progress into the next level of intoxication.

Second reason – The Livestream will be 15 minutes long, and we wanted to have a varying level into the 15 minute to keep the viewer entertained by not having to show/hear the same thing over and over for 15 minutes. Therefore we used the 5 stages of drunkenness to progress the varying degree of visual and audio within our livestream to give it a variance of emotional degree.

Third reason was personal reason for Bao and me, as our way of thinking is usually on the practical side and we could not grasp the idea of abstract, as with the Videofreex whom taught us to step out of our comfort zone, we decided to produce a piece which are relatively esoteric just to explore some of the attributes which we normally wouldn’t, if the audience gets it, Great! If not, well… we tried, and may try again in another approach.

So, Lets talk about the piece in action.

Door 1

The first scene depict a black and white, featuring a guy(me) with shades whom appear to be chill and cool, upon opening the and walking out of the room, I changed to fragmented filter while Bao switched to the second OBS scene where the music started to play along with generally mild graphical art that seems to “morph” into itself with bright solid color with striking contrasting background to represent the stage 2 high when someone is drunk, it turned from a cool and chill environment into the character of valor where the love and hate was showed more distinctively.

Door 2

The Second door transit from stage 2 to stage 3 intoxication, in stage 3, the filter on phone showed the spiral of the background, this is when people gets dizzy and feel like the world is spinning, from the OBS, more intense music was played and the graphic traverse from animation with solid colored background to full screen animation where it felt more chaotic to bring the spinning dysequilibrium to the next level.I also love the part where the effect from the obs spins along with the filter from the mobile streamer.



Door 3

The Third door transit from dizziness to the start where every thing goes crazy, the camera movement here changed noticeably from slight left and right spin in stage 3 to stage 4 where it is going left and right and the focus on the face is going off, the effect shows the colorful drips and while paired with even more upbeating music from the OBS stream, creating a high contrast chaotic feel.


Door 4

Lastly after entering the 4th door, the camera movement became really erratic and not only the camera moves vigorously, both Bao and I are shaking our head violently and we made our self really dizzy in real life. As this is the climax of our stream, the music and the OBS effect exhibits the true nature of intoxication where the world just crumble and it ended in me lying on the ground towards the end and slowly covered the camera to do a manual fade out before ending the stream.


Overall, This piece was us, by adding some emotional and eccentric nature into our work was influenced by BOLD3RRR to create a piece which is not suitable for all, but might be loved by some as we do not want to be conformed into the mainstream idea of broadcasting and wanted to try exploring what we wouldn’t otherwise explore. Our objective was to disorient the viewers by progressing the level of drunkenness through sound, visual and camera movements which would be really obvious when placed together.

Some Behind the scene:

Robotics – Final Project Ideas Generations & Researches 1

For the final project for robotics, I decided that I want to do a solo project as to explore and learn more about the robotic aspect.

Categories that I am interested in:


The use of Robotic Device to emulate human or animals, or to bring lifelike characteristic  to inanimate object-

It integrates:
Puppetry (research to be done: Karakuri Puppets)

Usually powered by:

And controlled by:
Human (teleoperation like remote)

And further research must be done on:
Structure – Frame/Skeleton(Material, Skin)
Components – Types of motors and usage


They are self-operating machine or mechanism that automatically follow a predetermined sequences of operations, for me, they are more like the 3D – Dumb, Dull and Dangerous of robotics that does job that would reduce manpower.

The main aspect I think of Automaton is the ability of repeat-ability as they are supposed to do the same sequence over and over again so the zeroing of every cycle is of an importance here.

Areas to explore here:
Unmanned Vehicles

Stepper motor VS Servo Motor

Stepper Motor:
– Easier to control (1Pulse = 1 step)
– Higher Torque at low speed
– Relatively cheaper
– Accelerate too fast will result in skil step
– Higher vibration

Servo Motor:
– Generally High speed and High torque for given size
– Ability to maintain torque at high speed
– More efficient
– Does not vibrate much in comparison to Stepper Motor
– Generally more expensive
– Only limited types of servos

Stepper motor is good for low acceleration and high torque applications  and Servo motor is good for higher speed and higher torque applications.

My thoughts:
I could use 2 smaller servo to move a lever which is not capable by using only 1 servo instead of using a bigger servo (like 2x SG90D at 6V vs 1x HS322HD at 5V, but theres a limit to this)

I am more inclined to Animatronics as it seems much more interesting for me, after some research about Animatronics, Hexapods and Octopods are really common among the field of robotics due to the stability (6/2 = 3, and 3 feet on the ground will be stable) but then I am really interested in Quadruped which has 4 feet and an quadruped animal which I really like was the turtle/tortoise as they are interesting, generally does not move too fast and naturally have a shell, which seems logical to use a turtle as a base as their nature suits what I am looking for and it will be easier to hide all the components. So for now, I really want to give a Robotic Turtle some thoughts.


Robotics – Class Assignment 2 : Come On Barbie. (SuHwee and ZiFeng)

Our Initial idea was to have a head to bang onto the wall/table just because it will be sadistic and funny to watch. So our basic idea was to use strings and wires with plates for the head to move in any direction like to swivel around as it adds to the eccentric aspect of our idea. We did lots of trial and error as we were not sure what could work or not. First, we 3D modeled the servo mount which will pull the strings.

Meanwhile, we also went to look around in carousell for heads which could fit into our project nicely and is near for us to purchase them so we asked countless of dolls/plushie sellers on carousell

Then we realized that a square base we did previously was relatively inefficient as the part of the servo that spins was not centralize within the mount so we re-designed the 3D model.

After which, we did experiments with the plate for the “Neck” of the doll.

One spring in the middle was too flimsy until we added strings

emulation of 3 motors and movements, We were impressed.

And we fixed everything together and tied it with fishing lines.

With the setup above, the doll head was relatively heavy when attached to it,so it does not come back to the standing position so we modified the system with some blue felt to strengthen the system by a bit.

and then after some coding……

Interactive Devices – Device of the week 2: Boscloner

There are a spectrum of devices that serve its purpose to the user, devices that save people’s life, make live easier, and there are devices that would be a disaster when fall into the hand of the evildoer, Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you the latter, *Drumroll* THEEE BooosssCLONER!

The Boscloner is an RFID capture and cloning machine that will clone the proximity card(Read: NTU Matriculation card & Hall’s Key fobs ) wirelessly and send a notification to the user’s phone when the cloning process is done and the user could use the cloned card just like the victim card to access into restricted areas. Just how wicked is that! Boscloner is an open source project that they also sells the its components for enthusiasts to build them from ground up!

Heres a video that explains how it work:

Amazing right!!!

Boscloner is an advance system that could clone the RFID proximity card just by being near the target, there are less complex system that could duplicate our matriculation card if we scan the card physically and write it into the empty proximity card and it could be built using Arduino.

Heres one video tutorial of Arduino proximity card cloner.

The basic idea here is to use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag(card) that consist of an integrated circuit and antenna built into the tag:

Image result for RFID card cut up

and having a RFID system that could read or write the information stored in the tag. Image result for arduino RFID

as simple as it would sound, there are a multitude of applications for it, we could not only open doors to our class room, the industries had been using for task like inventory management, counterfeiting prevention, race timing tracking and Library system. Since RFID is a cheap and adaptive system, it could be applied to countless of projects, what if we use RFID system as an installation piece where every visitor was given a unique RFID tag and upon going close to the installation, it reacted differently to every visitor? It may be really amusing as a visitor.

Cross Streaming Technical Test (With Bao)

Since the last time we cross streamed during the lesson:

part 2. Adventure in ADM

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Thursday, 14 September 2017

Video from my phone which I am unable to embed in this post, not sure why but all the setting are the same, >>CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO<<

we noticed that there were two major flaws in the cross streaming system, During that lesson, we used Bao’s Windows Laptop and my phone, both connecting to the ADM internet, since the Laptop were supposed to stream a live video and produce a stream at the same time, we could say that it is downloading and uploading at the same time hence the total bandwidth the computer had was split into two. The biggest problem we found in the cross streaming was that by having the phone connecting to the school internet, every time when the phone goes to a different area in ADM, there will be a short breakage with the connection in the Live video as the Wifi connection changed router, moreover, if the phone Wifi isn’t strong, the quality of the live video drop drastically, The lagginess was amplified by the low bandwidth of the computer, its as good as watching an already choppy movie with lousy dial-up internet, the overall experience wasn’t good.

HENCE! Through reverse engineering, by judging from the quality of the video, we could see which area in ADM have the best internet connection!
The connection in the classroom was the worst. look at the pixelated graphics, I am not moving and yet the terrible quality.
The Internet connection at basement was as bad as in the class, everything was blurry, cant even recognize the people in the video, BAAADD~
The Stairs to the basement doesn’t seem to have good connections and blurry visual doesn’t look pleasing at all.
The Lounge was having generally acceptable connection and hence the better quality
The Lounge’s connection was really stable and the quality is great
IM room got one of the best connection out of all place and the graphical quality was superb even when I was swinging the camera around. (Please scroll up to see the quality of the basement classroom, you will notice a clear difference in the relationship of better internet = better video.)


This is why, we will solve it, by hook or by crook.

The easiest problem to solve was when the phone connects to the school Wifi and the connection breaks when the phone switch router among ADM. Since the problem is with school’s Wifi, we tried to use our own phone’s Mobile Data, there was almost no lag and furthermore, the quality of the stream improved drastically due to the faster uploading speed from the phone, resulting in higher definition of the live stream.

Songyu Bao experiment 1

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Notice that when I changed zone within ADM, from IM room all the way to the handicap lift near the library, there was no breakage of the connection even in the handicap lift. This, I must say, is a great improvement.

Next, is the problem of watching stream and uploading a stream from the computer and split the bandwidth into two, there is no way around it, the only approach we can do is to find a place with good internet connection and make sure that the speed will be sufficient to produce excellent streaming experience. AND GUESS WHICH PLACE IN ADM HAVE GOOD INTERNET? So, without further ado, we went to the IM room as the internet connection was relatively stable there.

Again, I can’t figure out why the Video doesnt want to embed, so.. >>CLICK HERE FOR TEST VIDEO FROM BAO<< 

but here’s the Screen shot from the video Bao and I Crossstreamed 

Overall through our test, it worked really well with minimal lag and there were no disconnections, quality were much better than we thought and we hope that we could be replicated it during the class.



Research Critique: The World’s Longest Drunk Sentence

Throughout this work of Douglas Davis, the scroll wheel on my mouse worked particularly hard. Good job scroll wheel, good job.

I really like the ending for me in The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence as I’m unable to click the next page due to the black screen at the end(not sure why), the font size just gets bigger and bigger and it goes from readable text to graphical image flashing on the screen.

The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence is an art which is really similar to the Hole In Space as the main gist of both the artworks was to create a platform for people to interact with each other and when they do, the participant/viewers of the platform became the performer which prompt more participant/viewers to response hence having the number of participant/viewers/performer to grow exponentially. The only difference was the medium- Hole In Space was the communication through video call while The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence was the communication through texts.

In this essay, I will focus more on the medium rather than the content even when there are many interesting quote that I really liked, the contents are not a good instrument to analyse this wonderful piece (It’s like quoting a few conversation in Hole in space and say the Hole In Space is good because of it.) As the phrase “The Medium Is the Message” Contrived by Marshall McLuhan in his book Understanding Media: The Extension of Man(1964), the characteristic of the medium is as important as the content itself and without one, neither could exist. As McLuhan said –

“content of any medium is always another medium”

and the basis of text is speech, the typist convert their speech into text on the screen by typing, the text then get transmitted to other screens, the reader reads the text and then forming the speech in their brain, text is just one of the medium that transfer thoughts from one person another.

The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence is a medium for the participant to type in any language with only one rule- No Period(which got hacked later). This “No Period” rule made this artwork really interesting, as The Period is to denote the end of the sentence, which serve as the start of a new one. By removing The Period, the boundary that announce who is the author of the sentence got eradicated and hence, even when all of the participants are just writing with much individuality, the piece could only be seen as a huge, shared text like the Microsoft word developed Artificial Intelligence, got drunk and having chatter with itself non-stop, which is what made The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence really fun to read.

It was very stimulating even while participating as only a reader, for a moment, I was thinking “Is this a new writer? oh wait, its the same one as this one” and then without a stop, bombardment of a new thought by another writer. I feel that The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence is a medium that was made to reflect on life, every participant could not control or change what was typed in the past and the future but can make changes to the present if they contributed. It also reflected how human conscious are, the way that all these words are without The Period, the recalcitrant brain and our train of thoughts without a stop button, there is no Period to block the madness going through our mind, sometimes there are beautiful poetry about flower, next there will be poultry scolding vulgar. It is these unpredictability that made The World’s Longest Collaborative Sentence as well as our life interesting.