Cross Stream Broadcasting : Intoxicated.

Bao as the Mobile Streamer

Cross stream part 2 with @bao

Cross stream part 2 with Songyu Bao

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Thursday, 21 September 2017

school project: getting drunk with ZiFeng Ong

Posted by Songyu Bao on Thursday, 21 September 2017

Me as the Mobile Streamer

Cross streaming with Songyu Bao

Posted by ZiFeng Ong on Thursday, 21 September 2017

Cross streaming With drunken Zifeng

Posted by Songyu Bao on Thursday, 21 September 2017


The concept of our CrossStream was simple, since we know that there will be some inconsistency in the timing of the delay between both live stream, we decided to produce a piece where the OBS(Laptop) user would only react to the visuals of the live mobile stream and create a scenario that timing would not be the focus of the piece, 3 reasons why we produced such an intoxicated piece and totally scraped the idea of the 1st/3rd person view we did in the previous week.

First – By being drunk, the timing will be the least importance due to the nature of intoxicated, people will have a weird sense of time and since we applied filters on the Mobile Livestream, every time the Mobile Livestreamer changed the filter when entering a door, it will be a Cue for the Laptop Livestreamer to progress into the next level of intoxication.

Second reason – The Livestream will be 15 minutes long, and we wanted to have a varying level into the 15 minute to keep the viewer entertained by not having to show/hear the same thing over and over for 15 minutes. Therefore we used the 5 stages of drunkenness to progress the varying degree of visual and audio within our livestream to give it a variance of emotional degree.

Third reason was personal reason for Bao and me, as our way of thinking is usually on the practical side and we could not grasp the idea of abstract, as with the Videofreex whom taught us to step out of our comfort zone,¬†we decided to produce a piece which are relatively esoteric just to explore some of the attributes which we normally wouldn’t, if the audience gets it, Great! If not, well… we tried, and may try again in another approach.

So, Lets talk about the piece in action.

Door 1

The first scene depict a black and white, featuring a guy(me) with shades whom appear to be chill and cool, upon opening the and walking out of the room, I changed to fragmented filter while Bao switched to the second OBS scene where the music started to play along with generally mild graphical art that seems to “morph” into itself with bright solid color with striking contrasting background to represent the stage 2 high when someone is drunk, it turned from a cool and chill environment into the character of valor where the love and hate was showed more distinctively.

Door 2

The Second door transit from stage 2 to stage 3 intoxication, in stage 3, the filter on phone showed the spiral of the background, this is when people gets dizzy and feel like the world is spinning, from the OBS, more intense music was played and the graphic traverse from animation with solid colored background to full screen animation where it felt more chaotic to bring the spinning dysequilibrium to the next level.I also love the part where the effect from the obs spins along with the filter from the mobile streamer.



Door 3

The Third door transit from dizziness to the start where every thing goes crazy, the camera movement here changed noticeably from slight left and right spin in stage 3 to stage 4 where it is going left and right and the focus on the face is going off, the effect shows the colorful drips and while paired with even more upbeating music from the OBS stream, creating a high contrast chaotic feel.


Door 4

Lastly after entering the 4th door, the camera movement became really erratic and not only the camera moves vigorously, both Bao and I are shaking our head violently and we made our self really dizzy in real life. As this is the climax of our stream, the music and the OBS effect exhibits the true nature of intoxication where the world just crumble and it ended in me lying on the ground towards the end and slowly covered the camera to do a manual fade out before ending the stream.


Overall, This piece was us, by adding some emotional and eccentric nature into our work was influenced by BOLD3RRR to create a piece which is not suitable for all, but might be loved by some as we do not want to be conformed into the mainstream idea of broadcasting and wanted to try¬†exploring what we wouldn’t otherwise explore. Our objective was to disorient the viewers by progressing the level of drunkenness through sound, visual and camera movements which would be really obvious when placed together.

Some Behind the scene:

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