Interactive spaces Idea Generations part 1

Idea 1: To Build a secret hideout for us to sleep in IM Room.

my initial idea was to build a structure that allows people to go up and as IM student, we could sleep there or rest there, since it would be really nice to place a bed on top and we could just go up and sleep during our free time. and this is part of my research to build the system, of if it gets too expensive, I might use the bamboo pole in the IM room to make a ladder since the height is 4meters tall, and a metal ladder is quite expensive in the first place. I also used a drone to check if it look like it is walkable or not, apparently it seemed like we could walk on it!

after the researches, I decided to try to inspect by climbing up once to make sure if it is walkable, as it might be a fake ceiling thing, in the end, I used a ball tied to a long pole and threw it onto the top to listen to the sound, it sounded really hollow with the dampen drum sound and I gave up this idea because I don’t want to vandalize the school by making a hole on top.

Bye my secret hideout.


Idea 2: scout around to find materials which are cheap and make sense for interactive spaces.

first, the place should have decent price range and generic product, and maybe carry some big items at cheap price. so 2 place came to my mind.

Daiso and Ikea.

all the above are from Daiso, so $2 each.


These were the ideas I drew down in Ikea.


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