Robotics – HUMAN+ Reflection and critics

Human+ was an eye-opener for me in the sense that the robotics we have now is still in the developing stage and we are still years apart from artificially intelligence robots like we saw in the movies.

Chris Trying to interact with Nadine.

The Robotic piece which caught my attention was Nadine and I saw the previous group of strangers whom had some interaction with Nadine, she was not reacting to my speech, but she seem to be able to “look” and wave at me when I was sitting down. That’s why I am sure that the camera and most of her movements are working well. Nadine is a robot made in NTU which is trilingual and knew English, French and German and I am impressed with it.

or maybe its my horrible English. Also to clarify, I am really amazed when I sat in front of Nadine and she “look” at me and I felt intrigued so I do not see the project Nadine as a failure at all even if it does not register what I said, Nadine is awesome and the quality is superb and since people are in the developing of AI globally, I see Nadine as a¬†stepping stone to push for more advance and¬†intelligent developer to get over the technological hurdle to make her to act exactly like a real human.Photo credit to Isaac Chu

The hardest animatronics to replicate is human as we grew up looking at peoples all the time and, we are so good in observing facial expression and how a normal should normally look and act, an abnormality in the expression will make them unnatural but Nadine was really well made and had almost past the uncanny valley which if she sits on the chair, with eye closed, she will look exactly like a human being when not moving.

I think few years later, we will be able to interact with robots so advanced that we will have a hard time distinguishing a robot from a real person.This humanoid robot is eerily lifelike