Repository – Project 2 : Soundscape

The rain splashes against their skin and there is a weird tingly sensation that they had never felt before, the sensation of the wind brushing against their skin so naturally, so cold.

Double A danced in the rain and totally forgotten what Theron told them “The mycoplankon essence will be washed off in the rain”. After minutes in the rain, they start to feel a burning sensation on their skin, the rain is highly acidic and they know they shouldn’t stay in the rain and started running towards what seems like the city as the rain blurred their vision. , as they sprint in the painful rain reaching an abandoned building that seems like a supermarket.

Double A entered and saw what seems like a diesel generator which you (Arisampat) tries to activate it and it worked, the lights turned on and you saw a big ass radio alike machine sitting right under the brightest light.


audacityThere are a total of 29 layers in this soundscape,

Rain And Thunder
water drip
Wind 2 & Wind 3 – Same sound track but different strength and tempo
Generator -starting of generator
lights on, Ignition and audio track – same sound track but repeated with lower volume and higher echo each time it repeat.
Walkie – the sound of the walkie talkie before the can you hear me.
Can You Hear Me
Dial Up

Generated and edited within Audacity:
Wind blow – Generate white noise- stretch and fade.
Air- Generate white noise and give it rhythm to match the breathing by adjusting the pitch and the volume through envelop tool

Audiotrack- blowing to mic to simulate wind hitting against door
Windstrong – blowing/whistling to mic to simulate wind hitting against door while it close/change direction of wind due to the closing door.
Flap- recorded whistling sound and increase pitch to match the door opening and closing by reversing + Reduce the tempo
Flap 2- Second layer of the door opening sound to give it a slight click sound
Humph- the sound you make naturally from between your mouth and nose when trying to exert alot of force
Air mask – Recorded of my breathing in a air mask, running: double breath and when stop running: single breath. Edited to match the tempo of natural breathing during running and resting, recorded in one take after countless of fail attempts.
Electrical start – the ambiance noise in my room due to my computer and fan, edited by fading in and equalizer
background – recording of my table fan by placing my phone on the table to record the vibration made by the fan.
Mark – Recording of my wall fan by placing my phone above the fan, without recording the hissing sound.
WOOOHOOO! – my voice, edited to sound like a girl, pan to the right side to give it show that it’s not a 1st person voice.


Lore 7: Repository – Radio.

In Repository097, the idea of TV only exist in history textbook as there are no TV channel and TV set available in the Repository, the only source of entertainment and media is from the radio which is played through the speaker that can be found in all rooms and can be switch on/off by a knob in every room.

The radio station of R097 lies at the top of Main Station above the Pier and is running by a 12 group of broadcasters who works 24/7, keeping the radio and spreading information throughout R097, in some sort, they are the control room within R097 who took control of the media and some said propaganda is part of their existence.

Radio Frequency is a good way to communicate within different repository as the frequency are not greatly affected by the radioactive environment, so the only way to communicate with the outside world of R097 is through Radio transmission, which they never replied even after information is received because R097 is a secret Repository built and their existence is known by little.

Chapter 3: Repository – The earth above sea.

After 2 hours in the sonic submarine the engine turned off and it docked at the abandon pier of Port Elizibeth in South Africa. The submarine hatch open and it is raining heavily outside, Aurora and Arisampat who are wearing the air mask looked at the downpour outside and look at each other and seems to be in shock.

Aurora and Arisampat has never seen rain in their life, they heard about it alot and was taught about it since young, they know exactly how rain is formed and the science behind it, in reality, the fun in practice far exceed theory. Getting so excited, they took all of their belongings and jumped off the submarine without thanking the captain.



Stepping on a puddle of water and getting wet has never felt so refreshing before, it seems so magical that there is no ceiling and rain fall down from above, they had never seen the sky before, heard about it but their first time seeing it, the grayish mass of sky that is showering them water is so much better than the ceiling, this is too good!

The rain splashes against their skin and there is a weird tingly sensation that they had never felt before, the sensation of the wind brushing against their skin so naturally, so cold.

Double A danced in the rain and totally forgotten what Theron told them “The mycoplankon essence will be washed off in the rain”. After minutes in the rain, they start to feel a burning sensation on their skin, the rain is highly acidic and they know they shouldn’t stay in the rain and started running towards what seems like the city as the rain blurred their vision. Arisampat thought she saw a flash of light in the city while she was sprinting, as they sprint in the painful rain, the blurred city gets nearer and clearer, they could see a giant sign -Trex Mart-


Double A ran towards it and pushed the heavy door, it opened.

It is dark inside and they could see rows and rows of fallen shelves, a few counters and right beside the entrance there is a big metallic cabinet that look like an old power generator with a handle on it, Arisampat try to pull the handle, after a few time, the power generator run by its own and few moments later, the light in the mart flickers and lighted up row by row with most of the lights not lighting up after it flickers.

The dim yellowish light enable Double A to see the interior of the mart, mart is in a chaos as all the shelves fell onto the ground with many human skeletons. It seems like there are useful things lying around as this is a big mart that sells almost anything. There is a big old fashion radio that seems to stand out because there is almost no dust on it, sitting on the counter nearest to the entrance.

What will you do?

Lore 6: Repository – Jeremiad Day.

On September 21, 2114, the major countries in the world commenced a brief but rapid exchange of nuclear strikes, the war lasted for only two hours and nuclear was dropped on Karagandy of Kazakhstan, Nagoya of japan, Khartoum of Sudan, Brisbane of Australia, Asuncion of Paraguay, Austin of Texas and Edmonton of Alberta. These 7 deadly nuclear affected the world as chemical waste, radiation and shock-wave spreaded across the globe, making the surface of the earth inhospitable.

Humanity survived but struggled to do so, Survivors lives in a bunker named Repository which was build by the World Government to shelter citizens across the world in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

September 21, the day which survivors shifted from their home to the Repository, many survivors were killed on this day, not by the nuclear war, but by other survivors who were desperate to get into the Repository. A century after the great war, Jeremiad Day serves as a reminder of conflicts, but as twisted as it seems, everyone in Repository is the decedent of those who might killed someone just to get into repository, and nonetheless, the survivors. This is the day to celebrate their survivor ancestors of surviving, and in Repository097, it is a day of sports competition within the repository, Inhabitants representing their block competes with each others and this is the biggest event of the year. The highlight of the event: Submarine Race.

Lore 5: Repository – The Law of the privileged(LOTP)

The first Law that existed in Repository097 was the Law of the Privileged Ones(LOTPO),

The Privileged Ones (PO) are those who are class S and above. it include the title of Chief of Justice, Strategist, Governors, Chief in Command, General and Heroes.

As a PO, they hold the power to sentence anyone in their sector to punishments, removing trackers, captivity, exile, or even death. They have the power to use any resource in any sector unless the PO in that given sector denies their usage. PO also have the ability to use fire even in a confine space

PO can only be judged by higher authority of their own sector, if there are no higher authority in their sector, they would be in judiciary of their peers holding the same authority in their sector, and if there are no such person, they would not be sentenced even if they break the law.

The LOTPO is the only law during the start of Repository097, all other laws were added by PO in the sector.

Lore 4 : Repository – Above the sea- African continent.

This was Durban in South Africa before the great war and most of it still stands, however there are no electricity in the city and no living above ground. The only location which is populated is the Repository built under Fox Stadium : Repository 33


The situation in the four continents differ vastly, Africa, America, Asia and Europe are never the same as what it was in year 2000 AD

The world climate changes drastically due to the great war, Africa received higher rainfall because the nuclear detonated in Khartoum of Sudan turn sudan into an urban heat island (UHI) that is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas, causing it to lift the air which resulted in pulling the atmospheric water vapor from the southern ocean inwards into Africa, turning Africa rainfall to be higher than the rest of the world.

Most of the major city buildings before the Great war are still standing except for those in the 7 nuclear sites which a created a radioactive cater that nothing natural could survive anywhere near the site. Before the Great war, Africa developed faster than the rest of the world and hence their technological advancement surpasses japan in terms of transportation and housing.


Chapter 2: Repository – The Path of Heroes.

40 Minute ago, 7.15 Am.

Theron: “I’m sick of the food here”

Instructor: “but thats the only food you’ll get”

Theron: “I know…”

Theron to food server: “More Gelidiella Please”

Instructor: “You are a Hero! do something about the food here then”

Theron: “I might be a hero, but I aint farmer”

Instructor to food server: “No bread, thanks~”


They took the food to the dining table and sat down.


Theron: “How is our new batch of Licentiate who graduated yesterday?”

Instructor: “The finest batch u will ever see, Great teamwork, adaptive, academic excellent, I had trouble allocating marks as they are A+ standards, but i cant give them all As.. and yeah… SUPER ROWDY! which is good”

Theron: “I might need 2 new recruit for my sector, want to give me some info to reduce my scouting time?”

Instructor: “Two..? hmm.. I do have a pair to recommend, One is the smartest of the batch, and another… well.. she do various jobs as freelancer, a jack of all trait. Great pair, kind of like the leaders of the pack in the batch.”

Instructor: “You wont have problem noticing them, remember the Ginger and Blondie? Double-A Battery? Thats the two.”

Theron: “Oh! the pair! they graduated yesterday? GREAT!!”

Instructor: “The ginger Hair is Arisampat Delevingne, daughter of the Strategic Command…”

Theron: “ooooohhh…”

Instructor: “Curious, Kind of trouble maker, adaptive kind.”

Instructor: “The blonde is Aurora, She might be a blonde, but the smartest blonde you’ll ever know. Talented in the brain, fast thinking. The controller of the pair who prevent things from going overboard, every single time.”


23 Minute ago, 7.32 Am.

Arisampat and Aurora strolled into the canteen and went straight to the food counter.

Instructor: “Here comes the devil”

Theron: “lets lure them!”

Instructor: “ok, this will be fun!”







Theron: “This is the Secure Sector in R097, only people with restricted pass could enter, by sneaking in, you have broken the law and I, the commander of Secure Sector has the authority to prosecute you. Now I am giving you a chance to redeem yourself.”

Instructor: “Arisampat could not say no to the hero request and she should be accepting the mission, while you are part of the mission and I hope you can accept it together with Arisampat.”

Aurora: “The benefit of completing the mission?”

Instructor: “that, you will know after you received the mission from the hero. all I can tell you is that it is the biggest reward you could possibly imagine.”

Instructor: “Now, go to the Secure Sector in Water Collection and Filtration Center if you wish to accept the mission.


Aurora knocked on the door of secure sector and it opened with a creek. as she walk through the room, she can smell a hint of chemical and grease all around, there is a room labled “Main Office” which she knocked and a man in army uniform opened it and she saw Arisampat sitting on a chair infront of the main desk sheepishly, Aurora walked over and sat down beside Arisampat.

Theron: “so I supposed both of you accepted the mission.”

Aurora: “yes!”

Arisampat: “……”




You are to pack your things and depart to the surface of land tomorrow, there are a few things you need to do at the surface.

1 – Look for other Repository and learn how they are living on the surface.

2 – Look for alternative electricity generator or electricity experts living on the surface.

3 – Survive. 


The Sonic Submarine departs on 19 January 2279, 6Am. Be there on time, and good luck your journey.

Bring anything you want, but as common sense, the more you bring, the heavier it is.


Lore 3 : Repository – The Great War

The Great War

The Great War is A world war that involved Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation, Republic of Poland, United State of America, Federative Republic of Brazil and Republic of Indonesia. Not all Countries that were involved were directly onslaught of the 7 Nuclear strike. Some major city were also implicated due to the them being major trade ports and by destroying them could implicate the nearby targets, bringing devastation to the continent.

In August 21, 2112 Russia Spy found 46 Tsar Bomba (RDS-220 hydrogen bomb) in the basement of a military general’s apartment in Chongju beside the military base, each Tsar Bomba is equivalent to the explosive power from the simultaneous detonation of 3,800 Hiroshima bombs. Russia sold this piece of information to China and America which they too tried to send spies in there, some of the spy were caught.

two year after Russia got the information, September 21, 2114 North Korea dispatch 7 Tsar Bomba on Karagandy of Kazakhstan,  Brisbane of Australia, Asuncion of Paraguay, Khartoum of Sudan, Xi’an of China, Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia, and West Virginia of America. China, Mongolia and America intercepted the Tsar Bomba and returned fire on North korea which were intercepted. One of the nuclear was deflected and hit Nagoya of Japan, while Austin of Texas in America and Edmonton of Alberta in Canada received a nuclear strike from China in the midst of chaos.

The Great war stopped in 2 Hours and within a week after the Great war, less than half of the world population remained due to the spreading of the nuclear waste which instantly killed most of the unprotected population upon contact radioactive waste.

Repository 097

Repository 097 started building in year 2094 by the Contriver Family who was ordered by the World Government Body due to their technological advancement far surpass the rest of the world, they have the ability to build structure to withstand the deepest depth of the sea and to build transportation which move faster than the speed of sound on land.

The Government in Repository 097 is originally the leaders among the World Government which is –

World Chief Command (Clifford Bronwyn)

World Vice Chief Command (Cameron Mies Kiefer)

World Chief of Justice (Jezebel Racer Thornton)

World Attorney General (Saskia Federica Elspeth)

Africa Command (Adebowale Akachi)

Americas Command (Harley Raleigh)

Asia Command (Minoru Osamu)

Northern Command (Pawelek Jakub Tereska)

Southern Command (Christopher Joseph Benjamin)

European Command (Alexandra Victoria)

Strategic Command (Chang Jing sheng)

During the Great war, Northern Command(Pawelek Jakub Tereska), Southern Command (Christopher Joseph Benjamin), European Command (Alexandra Victoria) and Strategic Command (Chang Jing sheng) was not present in R097 and went missing after the great war and new World Governor replacement were elected within R097. Stepping out from the Election was Aamaasi Lípíka as Northern Command, Majbritt Tîánguaĸ as Southern Command, Trevor Lennon Grant as European Command and Tempest Delevingne as Strategic Command.

Lore 2: Repository – R097 Living Habitat

Overall internal appearance

In Repository 097, there are 6 housing block named from A-F, 3 Research Facility, 2 Agriculture facility main control building, law and control station and two major restricted building. The walkways are narrow and mainly built using different metal alloys like Grade 5 Titanium alloy,  chrome electroplated stainless steel and Aluminium due to their strength and anti corrosion properties. Everywhere you go it will look metalic except in the agriculture facility where there are some trees, plant, weed and huge plankton farm. (which all are mostly green)

Pressure Resistor

The technology to build Repository 097 far surpass what was in other Repository, the air pressure in the whole repository is 1.5bar when if without the air pressure resistor, it would be 21bar and human couldn’t survive for long without the pressure resistor.(basically, the technology allow the air pressure in R097 to stay habitable, without equalizing most of the air pressure, *OOC* something like in a plane, you will have lack of oxygen if there isn’t pressure resistor, but this works another way round.*) The pressure resistor is being maintained by a prestige family of engineers bearing the name Troposphere who their only job since the history of R097 was to maintain the Pressure Resistor which never had a single fault since then.

Diet of habitant

In R097, nobody can uses fire except for a few who have the Fire License(which is almost impossible to get unless you are special) as it is in a confined space and using of fire is against the safety protocol. Habitant cook all their meals using electric stove, oven and microwave and because of this, most of the Habitant in R097 have never seen fire in their whole life. In R097, there isn’t a diet known as vegetarian as all habitant lives on the same diet -the produce of the Agriculture Facility which is ‘vegetarian’ + planktons as all the fishes in the sea is inedible due to the nuclear waste and most of the organism in the sea mutated 165 years after the Great War, making them inedible.

Random Fact 1

As R097 is underwater, Most of the habitant don’t know the sensation of natural breeze on their skin.

Chapter 1: Repository – Day 1.

Arisampat and Aurora are room mate for 6 years and was from the same batch of training section in the Sovereignty Institute of Training (SIT), they went through hardship and grew up together, both of them are well known to be the notorious Double-A Battery (AKA Double-A) as they are totally energized with some trouble and kind of tiny when they were younger.

The room is a twin room with a black bunk bed, Aurora sleeps on top and Arisampat on the bottom, there are one study table for each of them and Arisampat’s table will always be full of junk (her gadget and treasures) while Aurora’s table is always neat. It is also one of the best twin room with window due to the connection of Arisampat’s father.

18 January 2279 – 7A.M, Repository 097, Block F, Level 3, room 1A.
room 1e1

Aurora woke up at 7am and Arisampat is tinkering her gadgets as she always wake up before the sea turns bright and continue to do her stuffs if was not completed the day before. While Aurora get ready for the day, Arisampat continue to tinker her gadget. 30 Minutes later, Double A goes to the canteen at Level 1 to have their breakfast as their usual morning routine.

Today is their first day as Official Licentiate who graduated from their 8 years of Guidance (Arisampat: “what a nice way to phrase it! It is more like 6 YEARS OF TORTURE AND ANOTHER 2 IN HELL”) in the Sovereignty Institute of Training (SIT). Arisampat worked as a freelancer for the government while she was in the Guidance while Aurora said that she is a normal girl so she don’t want to work as a trainee, however Aurora was the top scorer in Academic result within the cohort. (There is Academic, Physical and Military faculty during Guidance and trainees had to pass all to graduate.)

canteen 2c

While eating breakfast, both of you heard the conversation two table away between your formal military instructor and an unknown man…

Instructor :”The Generator in Block B shut down two days ago…

Man :”Really? That means Block B have only one generator left… I mean, it is enough to have only one generator, but it is always nice to have more electricity.. doesn’t it?

Instructor : “We don’t need more electricity, we need security… The problem now is that there is no backup anymore, if another Generator get shut down again, the supply and usage would not be in equilibrium…

Man : “If any block don’t have its own generator, we would need to channel electricity from another block and this would cause a chain event if more were to shut down.

Instructor : “Yes, that’s the problem. So do you have any solution?

Man : “I wish I do, I want to be hero too…

Instructor : “…….

Man : “………..well… I might have… But I am not certain.

Instructor : “If it’s easy, we wouldn’t need you anyway.

Man : “Let me think about it…


Both of you finished your breakfast but sits in static to eavesdrop the interesting conversation and suddenly, the man stand up in lightning speed, the chair got launched backward and crashed onto the ground, the man rushed out of the canteen….

What did you do?