Narrative for interactivity – Game Review.

There was 3 game that were played in the class,

Her Story which is like a detective like game with pure interface design.
Firewatch which is a narrative heavy first person styled game
and lastly Journey which is a graphic based third person game.

I’ve only played Firewatch and Journey as it appeal to me more due to the graphic content, I think Her Story was brilliantly designed but I was not attracted to play it.

First I will talk about my general analysis of the three game, the game were successful and appealing to many player only because of one thing, Curiosity. in Her story, the game play is designed to trigger the curiosity of the player by feeding them some rewards and clue to another clue, the more clue the player find, the closer they will be to the truth, and the main reason that anyone one want to play this game is because they want to know what truly happened. In Firewatch, same goes to the mindset of playing the game, by choosing different reaction and speech to Delila, the story will go different path and user will want to know how their response to the chat bring them to a different ending, hence many player would replay the game with different choice of reaction to see more ending. although I only start at half of the game in class, this game is not really my cup of tea, maybe because I started halfway and doesn’t know the relationship of the character and Delila. Lastly, Journey feeds on the exploration curiosity in us and make us want to explore the world and try to see a little bit more each stage.

Journey is my favorite game out of the three,simply because the artwork is amazing, although the story was so so, there is no text and such, nothing too complicated and player could relax fully while playing this game, the art direction is brilliantly executed as the color platelet of the game chosen for the background is all light powdery color while the main character is in maroon red with gold, just the color alone made the game and the main character stand out from the background but majority of the screen is the scenery, it shrink the character to visually fit it into the whole composition, suddenly making the breathtaking desert and sun set the main focus of the game, this gives an idea that the world is huge and you are only a tiny character that is moving through the endless desert, trying to find something which may or may not exist.

Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 4


One effective technique to discovering the best idea to fulfill a narrative essay assignment is to work with a class partner. Both partners should review the writing prompt. For example, for a prompt of “Write about a childhood experience that made an impression on you,” partners should discuss childhood experiences and then write at least three detailed experiences. Each partner should select one of the three experiences for the essay.


Asking questions and writing down the answers can point the way to a good idea for a narrative essay. For example, if the essay prompt is “Write about a ‘first’ that you have experienced (first kiss, first car, first date),” students should ask themselves about each example in the prompt. After all the answers are written down, reviewing the list will enable writers to select the event that best fits the essay prompt.

Guided Brainstorming

Brainstorming can fail because it doesn’t have a clear purpose. Before writing brainstorming ideas, students should rewrite the essay prompt in their own words at the top of a piece of paper. If the essay prompt asks “Write about an incident where you learned something important,” change this to “What incidents have I experienced where I learned something?” Students should write at least three or four answers to the question before reviewing and selecting the best one.


Chances are, the first idea that comes to mind in answer to any essay prompt is not very original. One way to find original ideas for a narrative essay is to write down three potential alternatives and then a fourth idea. If the essay prompt is “Write about an event where other people pressured you to do something,” take time to write down four incidents when this occurred. Choose one of the four incidents to write in the essay.

Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction Week 10 – ADMRPG NPC System

During this week, I tried out NPC chat by colliding with them, the Render Texture Camera of Unity is applied to the NPC chat so that their “Display Picture” is rendered in real time which is showed in the dialogue, through this, Vladimir suggested that I should make it mouse controlled camera as most of the games in the market is mouse controlled, so it will be more user friendly to so to. I’ll try to figure this out soon.

In this, this will be the basic system needed to complete the game, By talking to one NPC, another will be spawned or despawned, if i place the character on places where the spawning of new character cant be seen it will create a sense of exploration as the user will see different things in the same place even though they past by the same area, the things there will be different. i think It would be interesting and user might just want to see different stories in the game. By having this system of character spawn and despawn, i could make a game that is linear and there could be path for different story depending on which npc the user talked to and spawn the path for them while closing all other path by despawning the npc for the other path. I think this will be fun as many user could come to different story line within one game.

Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction Week 9 – Phone export and try

Exporting to phone is not an easy process as I need to download many different softwares like JDK (Java Development Kit) to make it work, I am not sure how does it even work when it failed countless of times, I also switched my phone into developer mode and somehow the app appeared in my phone when I’ve export it to my computer. Most of the thing I’ve followed this video, and i just try again after it fail.

This is what I have after the export, It is basically too lag to be played properly and the experience of the game if it lag is not worth the time playing it and It will be rage inducing if it is at this level of lagness.

After this, i decided to scrape the idea of making a phone game and focus on computer platform as computer have much higher processing and rendering power.

Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 3

This is not really related about Narrative or anything about my project,

just that CrashCourse is one of my favorite youtube channel and this series is the “Crash Course Computer Science” series which definitely is related to all IM students. This series more or less is talking about the histories and milestone for computer science, it is also a very new series of CrashCourse which is out only on 15th feb(just nice a month ago).

I highly recommend all of us to watch it as IM dont have a history module unlike all other major in ADM. There are alot of things to be learnt from here, as well as the whole CrashCourse channel. Take a look at the playlist of CrashCourse as there are other interesting topics like history, science, psychology, astronomy, literature, even politics(mainly US…. and maybe the mongols) .


Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 2

There are a few of us are making a game for this project, while I am one of them and this open world game is relative to me as i wanted to make an open world, but on a much much smaller scale. Anyone interested in making a game could watch this, it might be a good idea and h small history lesson to open world game.

Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 1

This might not be directly related to Narrative, but it is good to know, as my current project require me to choose mobile operating system and exporting ADM RPG to either android or iOS. This also give us a broader overview of why OS is limited for now, maybe one day we could write our own OS and challenge the giants.