Interactive Devices – HUMAN+ Reflection and critics.

Through the exhibition, it kept coming to me that human was always seeking to be a better version of ourselves and it’s only recent in human history that we are able to breakthrough some technological barriers which finally make some progress in augmenting human’s physical and biological to make improvements. Since I personally think that morality is just a concept which is generally accepted by the culture, there should be no right and wrong in the idea of augmenting human, even on genetically modifying a baby since culture will change depending on time and location, genetically modification might be the norm in 20 years time.

The work that I am most interested in was the Tardigotchi.

Tardigotchi is a work done by SWAMP collaboration with Tiago Rorke.

The basic idea of Tardigotchi is to have two pet, one tardigrade and an digital avatar of the tardigrade. A tardigrade is an eight legged water animal which could live in the harshest environment on earth and even outerspace, I remember watching a documentary years ago about astronaut sending tardigrate into the space to test if they can survive the vacuum and radiation. Not only the tardigrate survived, they lived happily and reproduced in space and this was the reason that I really love this project and is sure that there is a real tardigrate inside of the sphere.

Another reason that I really love this work as I had thought about doing a project last year for Interactive 2 which reflect on my childhood where we keep tamagotchi as pet and I wanted to recreate a project similar to tamagotchi but on a bigger scale, like a projection at ADM lounge and we will have an ADM pet. So this project resonate with me a lot personally, just by seeing this project lying in Human+ exhibition, I knew i will write about this instantly.

This is the Tardigotchi in Dublin Human+ exhibition and it seems so much nicer then the rapid prototyped model here in Singapore.

Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction Week 10 – ADMRPG NPC System

During this week, I tried out NPC chat by colliding with them, the Render Texture Camera of Unity is applied to the NPC chat so that their “Display Picture” is rendered in real time which is showed in the dialogue, through this, Vladimir suggested that I should make it mouse controlled camera as most of the games in the market is mouse controlled, so it will be more user friendly to so to. I’ll try to figure this out soon.

In this, this will be the basic system needed to complete the game, By talking to one NPC, another will be spawned or despawned, if i place the character on places where the spawning of new character cant be seen it will create a sense of exploration as the user will see different things in the same place even though they past by the same area, the things there will be different. i think It would be interesting and user might just want to see different stories in the game. By having this system of character spawn and despawn, i could make a game that is linear and there could be path for different story depending on which npc the user talked to and spawn the path for them while closing all other path by despawning the npc for the other path. I think this will be fun as many user could come to different story line within one game.

Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction Week 9 – Phone export and try

Exporting to phone is not an easy process as I need to download many different softwares like JDK (Java Development Kit) to make it work, I am not sure how does it even work when it failed countless of times, I also switched my phone into developer mode and somehow the app appeared in my phone when I’ve export it to my computer. Most of the thing I’ve followed this video, and i just try again after it fail.

This is what I have after the export, It is basically too lag to be played properly and the experience of the game if it lag is not worth the time playing it and It will be rage inducing if it is at this level of lagness.

After this, i decided to scrape the idea of making a phone game and focus on computer platform as computer have much higher processing and rendering power.

Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction Week 7 and 8 – Sketchup model built & manual collision system

This the final model I’ve built for ADM RPG, it took more than a total of 5 weeks to build it to this scale and the only thing that was not build by me is the railings found on the roof top and level 1 and 2 inside ADM. Although there are still many areas which is not completed like 2nd floor Foundation side(the scale is wrong but everything else works) and 3 and 4th floor, I could not go back to edit it as my Sketchup trail expired, tried many ways to reinstall the sketch up but apparently it doesn’t work once I updated to Sketchup 2017. This is a animation I did within Sketchup animation program. Since adding details is a never ending process(i could add much more detail down to every single object in adm, all table placement and sprinkler on the rooftop and such) but I need to proceed to next step else I will never complete the game, so I will leave the model as it is as it is already playable. IT IS NOT PERFECT BUT ITS WORKING AND COMPLETED!


This is the process in which i added the collision to the fence(it is downloaded and doesnt have a mesh that is usable as a collider within Unity, therefore i need to create my own).

Explanation of what I did in this video:

  • Create a rectangular box and scale it according to the angle and size of every fence(which tooks alot of time, this is a timelapse video of 30x speed)
  • Place the rectangular box covering the fence
  • Add Physic: “Mesh Collider” to the rectangular box
  • Turn off the “Mesh Renderer” so the box disappear from sight
  • Collision still work after Renderer is turned off.
  • Try the collision out and spot for possible bug(stuck and such)

After this process, I’ve got full collision system that all the current object have collision, the walkable areas are walkable while places like outside of ADM area and water at Sunken Plaza are off limits.

Next up I will add NPC and interactable objects to the game, write in narrative for them and refine the game till the end of semester.