Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – Mechanics/System/Things I need

  • Basic movement with animation.(walking, running, jumping,interaction, NPC idle animation)
  • collision system with walkable and unwalkable areas.
  • Character Control with Camera system.(3rd person view or first person?, click to move or keyboard controlled movement?)
  • User Interface (speech, option menu, dialogue selection,Interaction with objects and NPC)(
  • Distance system that allow interaction only when the character is near to the Interactable.(
  • NPC and Intractable Object.( (
  • NPC movements(
  • Invisible wall to mark out playing areas.
  • System/portal that change the stage.(
  • Quest system with counter.
  • Inventory system.
  • loading screen(
  • Adm in 3D maybe split into different stages.(for unity)
  • lighting(indoor and outdoor)(within unity)
  • Skybox(within unity)
  • Sound, simple noise, environment, background music, character sound.
  • Architecture, environment and objects in common areas.(all areas that doesn’t require metric card.. yes… thats almost whole of adm excluding classroom and office)
  • Textures (concrete, glass, water, grass,wood)
  • Foundation rooms.


Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – Plot V1.

Chapter 1 : Orientation Week

The Story Happens in ADM Building.
Main character enrolled into ADM as first year.

All the tutorial for control and mechanics happen here as the first few task guided by an Non-Player Character (NPC).

The player are required to walk around the common area of ADM to make more friends(NPC) and they will give random facts about the school, survival tips to survive ADM life, there will also be intractable objects lying all around and player are required to complete certain number(10-20) of NPC talk and interacting with certain number of intractable(15-25) to complete the task.

Upon completion of the task, The player will be directed to proceed to the office at level one to collect their matriculation card which unlock their entry to Foundation Drawing, 2D, 3D and 4D room.

End Of Chapter 1.

Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – Learning Unity Part 1

Unity Capability, Tutorials and Free Assets (YAY!!)

This is the first tutorial which i went through, I really love it as it is a smart point and click RPG system, the collision is all auto and generated by Agent Mesh which is a really smart system that auto calculate the path when it is blocked and it will move by the next shortest path.

Since I know nothing about Unity, this single video took me atleast 6 hours to complete, after I completed this tutorial, I realize that there are only 7 parts currently (most of it is about combat which I don’t need it) and is insufficient for me to create my project. (below is what I did by following through the tutorial, I really love the lighting and effect of those low-poly object works together!)


maybe I will wait for another tutorial to be released by this guy, or I will find another one. Atleast I learn a whole lot in this tutorial!! (and also learnt how to download assets and use them!)


Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – Platform Research

First of all, Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5 for game making.

After watching this, I decided that i want to use Unity 5 as I really want to make a 3D game, although it is harder and will take more time to learn and apply it, I think it will be a good exposure for me as Unity will be capable not only in making Game, it could also be used as an app developing software which is really useful skillset for me in the future, moreover, it is free and can be exported into android/iOS which will be another big potential for future development.

Since I want to make a game based in ADM, it would make sense to make a 3D one as it will feel more immersive as player could look around in the environment. The biggest problem here is that there is no 3D model or Floorplan of ADM available online, that simply means that i have to build everything myself based on just one picture i took in ADM.


this will be the base that I will start with. After some research, I found out that Blender and Sketchup could be used to export model into Unity5 to be used as environment.

Next up – learning stuffs through tutorial and youtube for Unity, Blender/Sketchup


Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – Overview V1.0

A game where player start as a First year student in ADM, With the classic time table and going through tutorial by doing “Quest”(Projects) which each module required them to do specific task which will increase their skill level. the player will gain one skill point every 5 minute they are doing a specific task and will be able to advance to their “First Job” when they have completed all “Quest” available.

Image result for maple job advancement

The advancement into next “Job” which is the selection of major within ADM system, there are 6 “Job” available for selection which are :

Animation – A Job which requires long hour of playing and each task takes a long time to complete, player need to have minimum stats in creativity and drawing in order to take up this Job

Product Design – A job that require long hours of playing  and each task take long time to complete, player need to have minimum stat in hands on and drawing to take up this Job.

Flim -A Job that requires long hours of playing and each task will be expensive to complete, player need to have minimum stats in creativity and knowledge in order to take up this Job.

Photography – A job that require high observation and each task will be tedious to complete, player require to have stat in creativity and knowledge to take up this Job.

Interactive Media – A job that require large amount of resource and each task will be tedious to complete, player need to have minimum stat in creativity and knowledge to take up this Job.

Visual Communication – A job that require large amount of resource and each task will be expensive to complete, player need to have minimum stat in hands on and drawing to take up this Job.


After the player took up job, there will be a test to take before gaining the first ability in the job and unlocking their respective areas

Animation – “Speed Sketch” & “The Animation Dungeon”

Product Design – “Woodwork” & “PD Workshop”

Flim – “Cinematoledge” & “The Flim Studio”

Photography – “Keen Eye” & “Photog Room”

Interactive Media – “Troubleshooting” & “IM Room”

Visual Communication – “Visual Appeal” & “VisCom Lab”