Year 2 sem 2 – Narrative for interaction – Mechanics/System/Things I need

  • Basic movement with animation.(walking, running, jumping,interaction, NPC idle animation)
  • collision system with walkable and unwalkable areas.
  • Character Control with Camera system.(3rd person view or first person?, click to move or keyboard controlled movement?)
  • User Interface (speech, option menu, dialogue selection,Interaction with objects and NPC)(
  • Distance system that allow interaction only when the character is near to the Interactable.(
  • NPC and Intractable Object.( (
  • NPC movements(
  • Invisible wall to mark out playing areas.
  • System/portal that change the stage.(
  • Quest system with counter.
  • Inventory system.
  • loading screen(
  • Adm in 3D maybe split into different stages.(for unity)
  • lighting(indoor and outdoor)(within unity)
  • Skybox(within unity)
  • Sound, simple noise, environment, background music, character sound.
  • Architecture, environment and objects in common areas.(all areas that doesn’t require metric card.. yes… thats almost whole of adm excluding classroom and office)
  • Textures (concrete, glass, water, grass,wood)
  • Foundation rooms.