Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 3

This is not really related about Narrative or anything about my project,

just that CrashCourse is one of my favorite youtube channel and this series is the “Crash Course Computer Science” series which definitely is related to all IM students. This series more or less is talking about the histories and milestone for computer science, it is also a very new series of CrashCourse which is out only on 15th feb(just nice a month ago).

I highly recommend all of us to watch it as IM dont have a history module unlike all other major in ADM. There are alot of things to be learnt from here, as well as the whole CrashCourse channel. Take a look at the playlist of CrashCourse as there are other interesting topics like history, science, psychology, astronomy, literature, even politics(mainly US…. and maybe the mongols) .


Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 2

There are a few of us are making a game for this project, while I am one of them and this open world game is relative to me as i wanted to make an open world, but on a much much smaller scale. Anyone interested in making a game could watch this, it might be a good idea and h small history lesson to open world game.

Narrative for interactivity – Sharing 1

This might not be directly related to Narrative, but it is good to know, as my current project require me to choose mobile operating system and exporting ADM RPG to either android or iOS. This also give us a broader overview of why OS is limited for now, maybe one day we could write our own OS and challenge the giants.