001 – Pandora Revisited


3 weeks (19/1 – 2/2)
Ability to develop a design language & manipulate a basic 3D volume with operative verbs.  The basic 3D volume should fit within a 35mm cube.

Use the basic 3D volume as a module to create a pattern on a base volume of surface area 140mm x 210mm (depth to be determined) that can be adapted as a receptacle. There should be a sense of D, SD and SO in the resulting pattern.

3D Model Composition:
3D Sketch Model(s) + Functional Prototype

Technical Drawings:
Orthographic drawing- plan, section, elevation, orthographic projection

Model-making techniques:
Sculpting in  Clay, Foam, Plaster, or Wax; and
Casting in Silicon/ Latex Mould.

Fabrication Instructions

  1. Create basic 3D volume based on the operative verbs, which fits within 35mm cube (blue foam)
  2. Make a latex/ silicon mould (mould 1) to replicate the basic 3D volume as required (replicates’ material to be determined – plaster, resin, wax)
  3. Place replicates in base volume of 14cm X 21cm (depth to be determined) to create pattern. Pour silicon to make silicon mould (mould 2) Be careful that stacking of replicates may create recesses that the silicon can fill up making it difficult to remove the replicate from mould 2.

DIY silicon mold-making alternatives:
Video on how to make mould: https://www.smooth-on.com/products/mold-star-15-slow/