Class Notes

Here you will find notes, comments and other references that come up during classes.

30 March

Hardware Devices for Interactive Media

Lecture Slides

Maker Books for IM

Updated Manuals for IM

23 March

Coding Tools for Interactive Media

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24 February

Elements of Interactivity 3 – Output

Lecture Slides

17 February

Elements of Interactivity 2 – Processing

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10 February

Elements of Interactivity 1 – Input

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03 February

Modes of Interaction

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20 January

Portrait in Interactive and New Media Art

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Additional Examples:

Apsolutno – 1996 – Good Evening
One of the early supercuts portraying the TV news programs (a bit tricky to google, so link is provided).

Shinseungback Kimyonghun – 2013 – Portrait
Cummulative facial representations of films.

Antoine Geiger – 2015 – Sur-Fake
On the S word…

Heather Dewey-Hagborg – 2012-2013 – Stranger Visions
A complex and ambitious project based on (largely arbitrary) DNA facial profiling.

Zach Blas – 2011-2014 – Facial Weaponization Suite
Anti-AI masks.

ING – 2016 – The Next Rembrandt
The machine learning (ML) project capturing Rembrandt’s painting style.

Mike Tyka – 2017 – Neural Portraits
ML face replacement.

13 January

Intro Lecture

Intro Lecture Slides
Project Development Framework