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Hyperessay Technical Realization: Box


The main components of Phantom of the Machine would involve:

Software 2x Adobe Connect

Hardware 1x Mac Screen 1x Mac Mini 1x Keyboard 1x Mouse 1x Webcam 1x Mic 1x Box 1x Speakers 1x Extension

Box 1x 570mmx550mm Plexiglas 2x 100mmx570mm Plexiglas 2x 100mmx550mm Plexiglas 1x Laser-cutter

Box-making Process

1. Put the hardware together

2. and measure the dimensions.

3. Some ugly sketches to note the dimensions:

4. Travel and spend at the other Read more →

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[…] Form and Format The materialisation of the objectual consciousness of the ghost in the machine would be established in Project Hyperessay Technical Realization. […]
Very funny! So this is excellent documentation of the project even if it came after the fact.

Hyperessary Role of Viewer: Objectual Conciousness

In the following thought experiments, we would presume with the idea of objectual consciousness and its performative aspects while contemplating upon the role of viewer. Notice that as an experiment, a contrived role would subject to change but nonetheless far from arbitrary.

Firstly, we think about the characters involved.

The Artist

Donald Judd, Untitled, 1972

As a ghost in the machine, the artist Read more →

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[…] The evaluation of its consciousness in performance and interactivity would be ensued in the Project Hyperessay Role of Viewer, we determine the role of artist and its viewer, how the interaction would be, and the rituals […]
Fascinating breakdown of the presence of the artist and the viewer with such granularity that you consider whether the viewer is active, passive, or absent all together. You also consider the relationship between the viewer and the artist in terms of knowledge / relationship between them. Very interesting! I can imagine ways that you can use this information to further this work as well as create new ones that establish various hierarchies or levels or qualities of artist / viewer interaction. Clearly a basis for establishing the performative role of the artist and viewer. Excellent.

Hyperessay Concept: Phantom of the Machine

Phantom of the Machine: The Ghost in the Machine


Phantom of the Machine is an exploration of human’s reception to intelligence of a machine. It is contrived in experimental spirit to study the interactivity between non-human being and object. This is done through playful public intervention, inspiring experiences with an emotional machine. Where the intelligence is of human, there is, however, Read more →

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[…] the following thought experiments, we would presume with the idea of objectual consciousness and its performative aspects while contemplating upon the role of viewer. Notice that as an […]
It's interesting to think about the presence of the artist here as well, in which the body is removed and only an aspect of consciousness remains. It seems you are exploring the idea of intelligence in the third space, assigning a perception of "artificial intelligence" to the machine by removing the body. This is just a quick response but I think there is great artistic potential in this idea to be explored further.

Final Project Conclusion: Full Circle


Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 - 02:54:35 pm

@ rufuzafanafa

Swappie Repository has finally been launched and exhibited. I had a lot of fun in the process of coming up with my final project and learnt a lot from research and my project hyperessays. Although this is the end of the Open Source Studio class, it certainly will not be the end of my swappie exploration. I feel that there’s Read more →

Good work!!

Virtual Politics: It's not goodbye


Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 - 07:53:52 am

@ insert creative title

The semester has passed by so quickly and what started of as an ambitious idea while I was brushing my teeth (it’s true!) has materialised into a site, with three amateur visualisations that I am nevertheless extremely proud of.

As my site grew bit by bit, I feel that I have grown with it, both in terms of skills and critical analysis of Read more →

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Testing codepen


Thursday, Nov 06, 2014 - 02:45:21 am

@ insert creative title

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Final Project Realisation: Swappie


Wednesday, Nov 05, 2014 - 11:38:51 am

@ rufuzafanafa

One can argue that taking selfies is an empowering method of visual self-expression, because we savor the control that we have over the process of creating.Art is defined by the process of expression and revealing ourselves with intentionality.The power and deliberation with which we take selfies is what we enjoy so much about the artistic process. When you take a selfie, you Read more →

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Project HyperEssay III: To Set Up a Memorial

Lim Jun

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014 - 09:35:33 pm

@ Animating Principle

The current plan requires a space to allow projection onto a largely clear surface to simulate a memorial plaque. A laptop computer wil be present to allow viewers to input their contributions into the plaque. It could be anything from a phrase to a paragraph.

Initial location. ADM 1st Floor Lobby.

New location at ADM B1.

Also below the surface the Read more →

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I just found out that the lobby will not be available so we may have to consider a plan b for the project or perhaps another space. That said, this is a good start in designing the space for the "Meme Memorial," but I think there are still some questions concerning what people will be contributing, how they understand the context of the meme, and I think most importantly, how it becomes clear how the meme memorial puts to "rest" so to speak, the life of a meme. Does placing the meme within the memorial automatically constitute its death? I very much like the idea and we can consider ways to refine the idea, and perhaps consider the possibility of a virtual meme memorial, though I definitely don't want to discourage you from realizing your idea of a physical installation.

Project Hyperessay #3: Swappie Repository


Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014 - 12:44:30 pm

@ rufuzafanafa

With the world now being fascinated selfies as a form of self empowerment… and alternatively, in personal transformation, mutability of identity, role playing and masquerade on the internet, I present to you: Swappies (term coined by Randall Packer – Oct, 2014); a Repository. Swappies are essentially FaceSwaps a photoshop technique that involves digitally swapping the faces of two or more subjects Read more →

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It's always good to have a Plan B: I like the idea of providing open source software for viewers to create their own swappies, but perhaps that might be another phase of the project for a later point in time? For the time being, I like the idea of you swapping the swappies yourself (I think the "a" is a more accurate spelling...) and then providing a means for the swappies to go public or even viral via social media. The question is: will those who have been "swapped," will they want their swappies to keep proliferating? What happens if someone is not satisfied with their swappie? Perhaps that brings us back to Plan A: maybe by generating a swappie you will create interest in the viewer to generate their own, so in fact they do have control. Let us know when your Tumblr feed has begun, it would be good to test out the process with our class.
PS: Don't forget the featured image.

Hell on Earth 人间地狱

Lim Jun

Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 - 08:40:48 pm

@ Animating Principle

Haw Par Villa, built in 1937, is a defunct theme park that aims to traumatize little kids into giving up their innocence.

Rumoured has it that the place was cursed ever since the Aw Brothers (the founders) built the place at the request of the king of hell they met in their dream. Despite the large amount of visitors, the place Read more →

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Absolutely frightening! I am curious to hear more about children giving up their innocence.
An ex-police officer told me that this place is haunted! Perhaps an ideal place for crimes?
Woooo~~ Hahaha I wouldn't doubt that.
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Pearl Bank Apartments | 珍珠银公寓酒店

JN Fernandez

Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 - 08:16:36 pm

@ DoubleThink

Pearl Bank Apartments was built back in 1976, and was one of the first all-housing projects that the Housing and Development Board built from its Sale of Sites program. An iconic, thirty-eight story monolith that towers above its empty surroundings, it was a beacon of development and progress when it was first built. Now, it has struggled to keep up, Read more →

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I am curious to know how the apartment building failed to keep up with contemporary times. Is there something about the architecture that became old-fashioned or uninteresting?
Good Work!!