in Micro-Project

Mobile Cam Exercise 2

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Canteen 2 at 3pm is the best place to be, and my favourite place in school. I did not choose a location in ADM because I think there is no place in school better than canteen 2. I particularly enjoy being at the alfresco area at 3pm for the warmth, after being cooped up in classes at the air conditioned ADM building. 3pm is also a good time to have a meal for the post lunch crowd had dispersed and it is a beautiful time to be enjoy and appreciate the dishes that the stall holders put together: my favourite is having a korean bibimbap as the lady is not as hassled and rushed as she becomes during lunch time, and she arranges the ingredients of the bibimbap thoughtfully and neatly. The alfresco area is a nice place to enjoy an ice cold coffee and writing about the things. This is my favourite place to be in school.