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More analog zines

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Recipes I Love by Leanna Perry

Came across this project and I love the style of it. I’m still interested in this whole idea of using low-fi, analog methods to create a good piece of publication and this is another good example. Leanna Perry came across an old-school cookbook in her local bookstore, and she decided to ‘remix the book’, by giving it her magical kitschy touch. This reminds me of these Barbie magazines I kept when I was a little girl. I wish I still kept them now. Those magazines were made up of activities, like teaching you how to throw a slumber party, complete with some kid-friendly recipes, and even included some floral/Barbie logo templates you could trace and cut out as decoratives. Those were brilliant. Similarly in Leanna’s project, there’s this fun, DIY quality that is more nostalgic than Pinteresting.


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Here’s another zine made by Perry. Again, there’s a childlike, nostalgic quality to this style of design, photocopied mistakes, large areas of ink and gradient, cut & pasting, and those colourful motifs seem like stickers. Love it!